Travel theme: Strong

I was walking down a side street in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, when I saw this gate.  The lock looked sturdy, old, and strong.  Not only was there a lock but also a chain.  I wondered how old it was or if it even worked anymore.  Maybe a large, ornate metal key would open it.


I realized that seeing this lock also had a strong impact on my imagination!

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Venice is a place that I think of when it comes to adventure.  Part of the fun of finding interesting places there is to step away from the crowds and find scenes like this.  Where is the gondola going?  It could be anywhere but it certainly looks as though they are gliding toward an adventure.


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Travel theme: Edge

When I visited Prince Edward Island I quickly became aware of the cliffs along the shore.  Some of them were steeper than others but I thought that they were rugged, impressive and unforgettable.  There were sidewalks and railings to keep people from walking too close to the edge.  I took my pictures from a safe distance and these are some of my favorite scenes.

Prince Edward Island

You can see the guard rail in the distance.

Prince Edward Island

This was at the end of a dirt road.

Prince Edward Island

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Travel theme: Orange

When I’m at the beach at sunset the sky changes dramatically as the evening progresses.  Depending on where you look the sky could be changing color or it might still look like daytime.  One evening I decided to watch the entire sunset from a bluff overlooking this bay in Cornwall.  The color of the sky changed from blue to orange to even deeper orange.  The next evening it rained so I didn’t have another opportunity to take pictures of this scene.  Here are some different ways of seeing the color orange at sunset.

An early view from a seating area:


A little later:


And then…


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Early Morning Walk

I’ve been spending time this summer looking for interesting places to visit here in Virginia.  The other morning I found a garden that is open to the public for a few weeks in the summer.  It had lots of trails and because it was early there were dewdrops on the flowers.  I saw day lilies that were different colors and many other flowers too.  The trails were strewn with pine needles and pine cones and that fresh scent combined with the flowers was very fragrant.  Along the trails were other plants, trees and flats of flowers yet to be planted.  This was a perfect way to start the day.


It was a hazy morning…


Here and There

It was three years ago this month that I started Meg Travels.  My very first post was about Venice, which has been one of the places I’ve written a lot about ever since!  As I look back I think that there are so many aspects of travel that are part of the overall experience, such as planning, getting lost, finding souvenirs, wondering what to do with the souvenirs when you get home, shopping, and many other details.  I still wonder if it will rain, but I’ve found that a place can be just as beautiful under cloudy or rainy skies.  I just try to keep an umbrella handy – or a poncho.  Either one works fine.

I think that walking is an excellent way to see a place too.  And when possible, stop at a gelato shop for a delicious treat as you walk.  Here are pictures from some of my rainy, sunny, chilly, warm and mostly wonderful travel adventures from over the past three years.  There’s more to come too.


After all, travel is both inspiring and fun!


Travel theme: Simplify

This is a very appealing theme and for me the idea of travel can be as simple as going someplace that you’ve always wanted to see.  Whether it is traveling to a place that you’ve read about all your life or taking the opportunity to go somewhere new, both can be equally compelling.  Tuscany was a place that I had wanted to visit and when I was actually there it was an unforgettable experience.  Even now when I look at this particular picture I can recall the excitement of simply being there.


The view through this doorway is one to remember…


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Travel theme: Meeting Places

When I think of a perfect meeting place in the summer, it would have to be somewhere that serves gelato.  This means it should be in Italy.  Here are some places I’d want to meet and get a refreshing gelato too.  See you there!

It is so difficult to choose…



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Unpacking Travel Souvenirs

Since my recent move to a new house I’ve been busy unpacking a lot of boxes.  Although this has been rather overwhelming today I was absolutely delighted to find a box with the intriguing label “travel souvenirs.”  Suddenly I didn’t care how long it might take to unpack everything.  I carefully looked inside to find all kinds of fun souvenirs.  There were postcards, key chains, scarves and jewelry as I sorted things out.  But how to begin – by country, type or just random?  Before I actually started putting things away in different drawers I took the time to get pictures of some of my favorites.  They all have wonderful memories of past trips and I’m looking forward to adding more in the future.

Here is a dish towel from Provence that I will never use!



On the Move

I’m still doing a lot of traveling in my local area.  Now that it is summer there are lots of outdoor places to see and enjoy.

When it’s time to cool off how about a refreshing pool for relaxing and maybe even taking a little nap…


As the title mentions there is an actual move involved.  I recently moved and have now settled in a house here in Virginia.  These are some of the flowers that are currently in bloom in my yard.