When I was in Paris I saw the Eiffel Tower from many points around the city.  I started to watch for all the different places I could catch glimpses of this monument from parks and streets and at different times of the day.  Here are some of my impressions.

I saw this early in the morning.

Eiffel Tower

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Today I visited Williamsburg, Virginia and the weather was perfect.  It was the kind of day that made me believe that spring is really here.  As I walked from the Visitor Center to Colonial Williamsburg I saw this tunnel that provided a preview of bright sunshine and an entrance into a new season.


Look here for more photos.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

It was an afternoon in May when I was taking a walk where I saw the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.  The weather was changing from rain to sunshine and some blue sky was beginning to show.  I noticed a glass domed metro entrance and these reflections.  This is what I saw.

MadridYou can see more reflections here.

Looking Forward to Spring

I’ve been looking through my pictures of flowers and I can’t wait until it’s spring!  So far there have been a few warm days but it will be nice to have several days in a row of sunshine and warmer temperatures.  I’ve also noticed that the birds are more active as they cheerfully sing in the morning.  The first flowers are starting to come back, as well as the freshness of the new greenery.  I’ve also started to notice displays of brightly colored planters outside of charming shops.  Here are some pictures from a walk that I took when I visited the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee along with a nearby scenic town in North Carolina.

Spring will be especially welcome this year…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This is a picture that I took in St. Petersburg, Florida when I was visiting an art museum:


For contrast I stood further back and got this picture.  You can see all the greenery and the water when you look outside!


For more perspectives look here.

Around Venice

One of the best things about souvenirs is that they preserve wonderful memories of a place. I have lots of souvenirs that I’ve purchased such as postcards and Murano glass jewelry.  But these photographs from Venice are both from famous landmarks and places that will always remind me of a moment in time.

This may not be a famous place but I can recognize it as being from Venice.


Postcards from Williamsburg

A few weeks ago I drove to Colonial Williamsburg for the afternoon.  This is the first place I’ve visited since moving to Virginia last month.  The weather was perfect and warm enough that I was carrying my coat as I walked.  This was a very unusual thing for me to do in January!  As I walked around I decided to take some pictures as souvenirs of a mild winter day in a historic area.  Right now it seems more like winter to me.  However it should warm up in a few days and then I’ll have to go on more adventures.

It was wonderful to see these bright colors.