Delicious Desserts

Right away you can see that it is unnecessary to say “delicious” to describe desserts.  You shouldn’t even bother with a dessert if it isn’t tasty.  Thankfully, I can say I have had my share of memorable desserts, or sweets, during my travels.

For instance, when I was in the Grand Place in Brussels, I went straight to an outdoor booth to have a Belgian waffle.  They were being made as you waited, and it was definitely worth it. Surprisingly I had a plain waffle that was dusted with sugar.  It was so good that I could only wait a (somewhat) reasonable interval to go back for another one.  I should have bought more than one and pretended they were for other people.  Oh well, next time…

I haven’t even mentioned that other Belgian treat, chocolate.  I bought little tins with chocolates with the intention of giving them as gifts.  Well, at least the people I got them for did get the tins.  I had to sample the chocolate, and before long all the chocolate was gone.  I’ll just have to go back again and see if my will power has improved (I doubt it).

Desserts in Paris are so beautiful, they are like works of art and much too pretty to eat.  I actually did think that, but luckily I got over it and enjoyed eating éclairs, napoleons, and dainty cookies.   My enthusiasm for these desserts actually motivated me to speak French in complete sentences to make sure I was understood as I ordered these treats at the patisserie.

I never knew how much I enjoyed custard tarts until I was in Lisbon and I ate the special ones called pasteis de Belém.  Again, they are so tiny that I could eat one in just a couple of bites.  I just started ordering two and even that wasn’t nearly enough.  Now I’m starting to wonder if I have eaten anything other than sweets on my trips.  No wonder I have so much energy- it’s all that sugar.

And of course there’s gelato in Italy.  That is one of the ways that I know I’m really in Italy, when I’m admiring the antiquities of Rome or Florence, gelato in hand.  Actually I shouldn’t do any sightseeing when I’m eating gelato because I’m just as interested in eating as I am viewing.

I must say I have a lot of pleasant memories of delicious desserts as I have traveled.  I can say that it has enhanced my good memories of these visits, and I can’t wait to find out what other treats I have yet to discover.

7 thoughts on “Delicious Desserts

  1. There are some amazing well known and lesser known chocolate shops in Brussels. And what many people don’t know is that even if you can find a particular brand in the US, you can’t get some of the specialty chocolates because they’re too delicate to travel. Fresh creams —not the cloying sweet marshmallow-y fllling we have hear, but literally, fresh whipped cream with an infused flavor is amazing, but must be eaten there. So, make sure to ask for the fresh creams….like nothing you ever had before.


  2. Hi – I think you’re going to have to come back to Portugal again – the desserts are so yummy!
    Arroz doce – sweet rice pudding is so delicious!
    and we have amazing mousses too! :)
    and whole shops devoted just to pastries and cakes :) :)
    you’re making me hungry just thinking about them :)


  3. If the waffles are as good as you describe them, I think they may warrant a quick weekend trip to Brussels!
    I wonder if it’s hit or miss with waffles in Belgium or if almost every vendor sells “delicious” ones.


    • That’s a good question. I went to more than one place for waffles, and they were all good. So I would say go to a place where there are people standing in line. That’s usually a good sign!


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