Anne of Prince Edward Island

Calling all kindred spirits!  I’m here on Prince Edward Island, getting ready to find Anne of Green Gables.  I think I’ll start with how I got here.


It was a lengthy trip that included driving through Maine and New Brunswick and crossing the Confederation Bridge.  After that, I found myself on Prince Edward Island, the home of Anne of Green Gables and her author, L.M. Montgomery.  It was so beautiful that it took about one second before I was completely won over and eager to see the real Green Gables.

The drive to the town of Cavendish takes you across the interior of the island.  It is interesting and even surprising (to me) to see dairy farms, cows, and many, many potato fields.  I didn’t even know what a potato plant looked like and I had to ask what it was.  Along the coast there were lobster buoys in the water lined up neatly in rows.  The tangy smell of salt water was everywhere, and there was (seemingly) always a light breeze blowing.

I couldn’t wait to see Cavendish, the background for the Anne stories.  I thought I’d start at the beginning, so I went to L.M. Montgomery’s birthplace.  After that I went to see Green Gables.  I was so excited to see this place, and then I found out that the Haunted Woods were right in front of the house.  I watched carefully to see if Anne herself would come running out of the woods, frightened by one of the imaginative stories she invented.

After seeing these places, I decided to indulge in a day that would be all about Anne.  With this in mind I went to Avonlea Village, which features many of the characters from the books.  I also got to hear local music and I even drank a Raspberry Cordial.

The local post office in Cavendish had a display because L.M. Montgomery’s grandparents had been in charge of the post office while she was growing up.  There is so much memorabilia about Anne that you almost expect to see her strolling down the lane with her best friend, Diana Barry!

Green Gables, Cavendish, and Prince Edward Island are magical places for kindred spirits.

6 thoughts on “Anne of Prince Edward Island

  1. Gorgeous! This is a dream trip of mine. A few years ago I was able to take a trip through New England. One of my stops was Louisa May Alcott’s home. So much fun touring it, imagining her life there and seeing the actual desk where she penned her classics.


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