Around Prince Edward Island

There are many things to see on Prince Edward Island that don’t include Anne of Green Gables.  Although I was there because I wanted to visit all of the Anne (and L. M. Montgomery) places, I also found beautiful beaches, lighthouses, and towns.

Charlottetown and Summerside are good places to visit to learn about important events in Prince Edward Island’s history.  I took a guided tour of Charlottetown’s historic area before going to see “Anne of Green Gables- the Musical.”  Well, I almost got through this story without mentioning Anne!

There are unusual attractions on the island, too.  The Bottle House comes to mind.  And the flower gardens there were beautiful.

There is a lot of local music on the island.   I didn’t realize that there is a tradition of French and Irish music there.  And I thought the Acadian music was very similar to the music of New Orleans, where I also visited recently.

So when you go to Prince Edward Island, be sure to drive from one side to the other in order to see everything.  It’s an unforgettable place.

17 thoughts on “Around Prince Edward Island

  1. What a beautiful entry, Meg! The formatting is great… what an opportunity you have had to go to PEI, and wonderful pictures as memories. It looks like it is out of a faerie tale (well, Anne is a faerie herself, right)?


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