Handy Travel Tips

  • Expect to do a lot of walking while on a trip.  You will not find ramps, people movers, elevators, or escalators in 500 plus year old castles.
  • Don’t expect lots of ice in your drinks.  You may not get any ice unless you ask.  For example:  once I did ask, the waiter used tongs to put one ice cube in my drink.

  • There probably isn’t an ice machine in your hotel, either.
  • Try to figure out how much something costs before you pay for it.  One time I emptied my coin purse out on the counter and asked the cashier to take the coins out to pay for my purchases.  The people in line behind me didn’t really appreciate this, either.
  • Smile and be polite.  Admire your surroundings.  Don’t loudly mention how everything is smaller/older/more confusing than in your hometown.
  • Have fun!  Look forward to all the great things you will experience.  The memories you will accumulate along the way are well worth the effort it took to make the trip.

Does anyone have other handy tips to share?

12 thoughts on “Handy Travel Tips

  1. Nice tips and pictures, Meg! I love the first one about elevators, escalators, etc. in the 500-years old castles. Wear good walking shoes, people! :) I actually had to buy a better pair when I was in London, and they were not CUTE… :)


  2. No matter where you are going (domestic or international flights) travel light, take carry on luggage only. Saves lots of time and aggravation. Works for me every single time, short or long trips!


  3. Absolutely agree with being polite – you’re in someone else’s city because you want to expand your horizons and learn something new – not to find a place to compare against your own hometown (you can do that when you get back home !). Politeness goes such a long way at the best of times, especially when you travel – it also helps when you’re lost :)

    And absolutely have fun and explore off the beaten track ! Love the rest of your tips.


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