Nashville Sights and Sounds

Nashville is famous for its music.  But it is also the capital city of Tennessee, and there are lots of non-music attractions. 

A replica of the original settlement, Fort Nashborough, stands along the Cumberland River.  A more comprehensive introduction to the city should include taking a hop-on/hop-off tour to see places that are a distance from downtown.

But in a city so famous for music, it is important to see Ryman Auditorium.  Among other things, it used to be the home of the Grand Ole Opry.  I happened to be there during a local talent competition and there was free admission to sit in the audience for the finals.  I heard blues and jazz singers as well as country performers.  It made you imagine what it must have been like in the past, before all the amenities people expect today (like air conditioning).

Since I enjoy checking out the local shops, I noticed there were places to buy cowboy boots, Western hats, and original record albums by country artists.  I really thought about buying a pair of boots, but the pointed toes and unusual color combinations (such as pink, turquoise and purple) would be challenging to match with my wardrobe!


A visit to the Grand Ole Opry should be part of a trip to Nashville.  I was there on a Tuesday evening when Keith Urban was the headline performer.  Needless to say, this provided an entertaining finale for my trip.

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