Postcards and Photos

After a trip, it’s fun to reminisce by looking at photos of places I’ve been.  But over time I’ve also accumulated quite an assortment of postcards.  Sometimes I think that because I take so many pictures I shouldn’t buy any.  It really depends on the subject of the postcard as to whether I buy it or not.

For instance, I was in Prince Edward Island this summer.  I wanted to take a photo of the Confederation Bridge, which connects the island to New Brunswick.  But the bridge was much too big for me to get a good picture.  So it made sense to me to buy a postcard of the Confederation Bridge.  On the other hand, I really didn’t need to buy a postcard of Green Gables.   I took more than enough photos of it myself!  But I couldn’t resist just one more souvenir, so I bought lots of Green Gables postcards anyway.

And then there’s the (rather competitive) idea of whether my picture is better than the one on the postcard.  I took a picture of telephone boxes in Cambridge, England.  Then I bought a postcard that was quite similar.  I don’t know which one is the better likeness, but I’m glad to have both for the sake of comparison.

My photo:

The postcard:

I also like unusual postcards from different places.  I have one from Prince Edward Island of a cartoon lobster that I thought was cute.  Another one that I think is unique is of the astronomical clock in Prague.  There’s a little paper wheel on the side of the postcard that turns and shows the scenes on the clock changing just the way it does when you see it in person.

Postcards are classic souvenirs.  And I’ve enjoyed mine, so they were worth buying.  Does anyone else have a favorite postcard?

30 thoughts on “Postcards and Photos

  1. Hi Megatraveling!
    Thanks for stopping by my site! I LOVE the post card post! How fun!! I especially like your photo and the post card one of the phone booths. I’d like to try and do that the next time I travel! :)
    Happy Holidays!


  2. Hi Meg!

    I’ve just about weaned myself off collecting postcards- I had a suitcase full and it was getting out of hand! Still like to linger by a postcard stand if I get the opportunity though, and yes, I buy on much the same basis you do- impulse!
    Love the Prague clock- that’d be a must have.
    Must trawl through the collection and share some on here- when I have a day or so to spare. Such wonderful memories. Thanks for visiting mine and Merry Christmas!


  3. What fun. I don’t travel much so I travel via a postcard exchange I belong to on the internet. But I must say, I absolutely love the postcards I send from Hawaii, especially the retro cards.

    All of my traveling is done around the island of Oahu here in Hawaii and I just love photographing all of the different places that people don’t think of going to see.

    Thank you for stopping by and now I am going to look at more of your post.


  4. Hi Meg, thank you for stopping by for a visit! If you like postcards, check out Postcrossing..It is worth your time reading about it. So much fun! So far I have received six wonderful postcards from various countries.. (:


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