A Scarf as Gift Wrap

When I was in Tokyo, I purchased several scarves I thought would go with outfits I already had.  When I bought them, the salesperson also tucked some folded papers with instructions in the bag with my scarves.  I didn’t really notice these papers until after I got home and sorted through my shopping bags.  When I saw the instructions, I realized that they were step-by-step illustrations on how to use these scarves.  Apparently they are not meant to be worn, but could be used (among other things) as gift wrap! 

the scarf

I’ve included these instructions just in case you want to know other ways to use scarves besides wearing them.  I like the scarves I bought in Japan so much I think I’ll continue to wear them.  However, I will also keep in mind that they can be used in other ways, too.  Just follow the directions!

42 thoughts on “A Scarf as Gift Wrap

  1. Hello “megtraveling” and thanks for shooting me the thumbs up “like” on my recent post.
    I am fascinated by your scarf instructions to use as a gift wrap. OMG! I have been a wearer of this delightful accessory all my life. I have thought of unique ways to gift a scarf inside of something but not on the outside. I will try one very soon. Thnx! ~Ellen


  2. First, what a stunning scarf! I’m not sure I could use that one as gift wrap!! ;)
    It’s a great idea, though! What a nice thought to pass on something you’ve loved, or a new one, to someone else. I was thinking that a scarf (heavy or dark enough) could be used to cover a pillow and thus become an accent piece in a home. If it can cover a box…it should be able to cover a pillow! I’ve done that with fabric and just tied it in the front in a knot. Thanks for your post! A great one as always!!


    • Thanks Judy! When I bought the scarf I never dreamed it was meant for something else. It is also a special souvenir of my trip to Japan. But theoretically I think a scarf could be used as gift wrap. I really like your idea of using one as a pillow, too! That way you could see it all the time :)


  3. Meg,

    I LOVE your blog. It’s beautiful and full of posts I can’t wait to read. This is a great idea, and I wish I thought of it when I gave a handknitted scarf as a gift. I could have wrapped one or two other small items up in it. Oh well…next time :)


  4. I just loved this post. Here in Hawaii, with the Japanese influence, the possibility of receiving such a gift today is not unusual. Did you also see how they wrap presents with very small pieces of paper? it is amazing.


  5. That’s really cool! My mom and my sister in law often use fabric to wrap gifts, and it feels much more special than a gift wrapped in traditional wrapping paper. A scarf would REALLY be wonderful!


  6. Niiiceee! They are ssooo creative and ssoo considerate! I once received a present from a Japanese patient wrapped in something similar to the first one, with a beautiful scarf! I looooove scarves and collect one too many, so she picked up my love for them just from all the scarf talk that used to come out my mouth.


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