Planning 101

Well, I’ve just made a reservation for a trip to Italy this spring.  Now that the excitement of knowing that I’m going there has settled, it’s time to start the planning process.  This will involve some research so I can get the information I need before I start the trip.

The first place I go to do research is the public library.  I always find lots of books about travel, including travel guides (for Italy, in this case).  These books provide information such as the best times to travel, how much things cost, and public transportation in major cities.  I can also browse through atlases and other specialized books about cities and countries.

In addition, the library has foreign language learning resources to check out so I can learn words and phrases that will be useful when visiting Italy.  It really helps to be able to communicate in another language, and practicing aloud helps.  I’m also going to look for conversational Italian classes being offered at the local community college.

Another good resource for travel information is a local book store.  There are so many comfortable places to sit with my stack of books that hours go by before I know it!  Sometimes I feel like I’ve already been to a place when I take the opportunity to sit and read about it.  At the same time I get information about other places I’d like to go in the future.

I also check online resources for travel information.  In fact, I like reading travel blogs to find out what other people did while they were traveling.  I really enjoy the commentaries and observations bloggers record about their trips.

So now I’m ready to start planning.  This is how I know that I’ll be prepared when the big day comes and I leave for Italy!

48 thoughts on “Planning 101

  1. I am so jealous, I love Italy and all the planning especially reading lots of books, watching dvds and looking at travel blogs. In Spring it will be beautiful and warm during the day, the best time to go I think and I can’t wait to read all your travel stories from Italy.


  2. I’d probably just show up there when the time came. The planning will definitely make it a better trip. I like that you also learn a little of the language.


  3. We went to Sorrento last year. It was fabulous, so there are quite a few posts about our trip on Shipscooksstuff, come by and have a look if you haven’t already.

    We are currently planning a trip to the Cape Verde Islands along with returns to Rhodes, Cyprus and the Estonian capital Tallin.


  4. Ah, memories of Italy — getting chewed out by a security guard for taking photos of Michelangelo’s David in Florence, watching a soccer game in Siena in which a cannon was fired for every point scored — fun! The planning was fun, too. (And if you say things like “Excuse me, sir, where is the post office?” in Italian, you sound fabulous!) I look forward to your posts!


  5. How exciting! I hope you’ll share what you’re learning in your books and pre-adventure exercises! It will be enjoyable hearing what you are most looking forward to. My son and his girlfriend went to Italy this fall and had a fabulous time…but who wouldn’t! Debra


  6. It is a very good thing to start planning in good times. We do it in the same way. As Ship’s Cook said, I love Sorrento. Why? Because from there, one can make short trips without any travel agency. We visited Capri, Naples, Vesuvius and Pompeii. To climb to Vesuvius is an experience. Sorrento itself is beautiful. I have videos from these places also in my YouTube channel.

    I have been in Milano too, but it was not just to my mind. Rome – it is wow.


  7. Oh I love the planning part! That’s half the fun! Like building up to
    Christmas! ;). I adore Italy and plan to return someday! You are so lucky and I am so jealous!!! Can’t wait to follow your progress as you plan…and then see your pics! ;)


    • It’s true that planning and anticipating a trip is like looking forward to Christmas! I’m really excited to be going back to Italy, and it should be lovely in the spring. Thanks Judy!


  8. I think that we all agree that planning a trip is a lot of fun. The internet is such a wonderful source for up to date information. Spring is such a lovely time to visit and I look forward to your posts from Italy.


  9. Lovley blog. I used to love planning for trips. It’s half the fun. Now we have a B&B we just have to go spontaneously if we get a gap. But I like to keep a pile of ideas in my head ready for when those little breaks appear so we can just up and go. I miss the planning though! If you are coming to northern Tuscany and need any help let me know.


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