38 thoughts on “Spring is on the Way!

  1. That is just so pretty. I wished I could grow such flowers here. But where I live it is just to hot. I would need to make a micro climate to do it. you would be surprise at how little bit flowers grow in Hawaii.


  2. So beautiful! I grow Iris and just love them–as soon as I see them begin to shoot up I get excited, just knowing spring is coming! Monet’s garden…I’ve never been there, but I knew it the minute I saw your wonderful pictures. Debra


    • Thanks Debra! When I saw all the spring flowers in these pictures I remembered how fresh and crisp everything looked. And the garden is so artistically arranged, it’s easy to imagine Monet painting there!


  3. I planned on going to Giverny the last time I was in France, but the transportation strike sidelined me. Of course, I never mind coming back with something undone. It gives me a reason to go back.


  4. Spring is a tough season around here. I really struggle with where we live from about February through May. It’s just cold and brown and I desperately need flowers at that time of year. Thanks for the burst of color today. For my 365 photo project this week, I’m taking pictures of “brown” with the hope that I can find some beauty in it by looking closely! http://twyste.com/2012/01/02/365-project-like-i-need-something-else-im-supposed-to-do-every-day/. I made a page that shows my pictures for those who don’t have a login to the 365 project too- http://365projectbykdv24.wordpress.com/


  5. You have beautiful photos from this awesome garden. I love the place as my wife too. It was in 2003 at autumn when we visited it and we were amazed about the quantity of flowers even in autumn.


    • I think that it’s one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen! I was there in early May and there were lots of flowers in bloom then, too. It’s a wonderful place to visit any time :)


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