Venice without the Crowds

Venice always seems to be crowded with visitors.  But if you want to admire it without being jostled by other people, just look for an alley or side street and soon you will have some beautiful views all to yourself.  Come with me on an off the beaten path stroll through Venice.

I wonder where this goes?

If you are there early enough, you might see this…

There are always some pigeons around!

If you head away from the crowds, you should see a different view of Venice altogether.

54 thoughts on “Venice without the Crowds

  1. Lovely photos, now I’m dreaming of Italy…again :-) Which was your favourite quiet spot in Venice? We loved the area around the Arsenale for some quiet time. Are you planning to return to Venice as part of your upcoming trip to Italy?


  2. I love these photos! I haven’t seen Venice without crowds and the next time that I see it will be at the Masquerade Carnivale in a few weeks. Hopefully I can find a quiet part of Venice where I can experience the same thing that these photos represent.


  3. Hi,
    Great photos, and I enjoyed the little tour off the beaten track of Venice, it certainly is a very lovely place, I have never been there, but I would love to see it.

    Thank You for visiting my blog.


  4. The colors, the architecture, the pure sky colors and the watermarks on the buildings where the flood came up. Beautiful , Meg !


    • I’m so glad that my pictures reminded you of a pleasant experience you had in Italy. And thank you so much for giving me the Candle Lighter Award! I am honored and very pleased to accept it. Thank you again!


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