Virtual Souvenirs

I just got back from Dallas, Texas a few days ago.  Anytime I go on a trip, I bring back souvenirs.  However this time I had an idea.  What if I took photos of souvenirs instead of actually buying them?  Would a mere picture of something be as good as buying it?  Well, here are the results of my souvenir experiment.

As soon as I got off the airplane at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, there were souvenir shops selling postcards, refrigerator magnets, t-shirts and hats.  I thought I’d wait because I don’t want to buy souvenirs of things I haven’t even seen yet!

Once in Dallas, I had more opportunities for souvenir shopping, like at the hotel.  Still, I waited to buy anything.  But here’s where I started taking pictures of souvenir displays.  I spent time looking at the displays and admiring them.  I thought, “Now here’s a way to save space in my suitcase!”

When it was time to go back to the airport for the trip home, I realized that I could have left Dallas without purchasing any souvenirs at all.  In the end I did get some postcards and a mug (among other things) at the airport.  But I like my virtual souvenirs, too, and I think the photos will work quite well as keepsakes of my trip.

40 thoughts on “Virtual Souvenirs

  1. This is a great idea. When I buy souvenirs, they are often not of the name-of-city-here variety, but something that I might have bought myself at home, made all the more special by having bought it while on a trip. For example, I keep my toothbrush in a lovely floral mug that I bought at the CN Tower in Toronto, of all places. I’m likely the only one who knows it’s a memento of that trip, but it reminds me of a fun adventure with my children.


  2. Hi,
    You just can’t beat photos, they are a wonderful way to remember what you may have seen on your trip. But it is always nice just to have a little something extra as well.


  3. I like the idea of photographing the souvenirs. I have difficulty throwing things out or repurposing them later so try not to add to the clutter these days. A cool idea.


  4. Yeehaw! Welcome to Texas! I do this, too and haven’t regretted it ,except once. I wish I had that Turkish rug I took a picture of….But, then again, my picture is soooo much cheaper! Great post.


  5. Each time I travel I tell myself I’m not going to buy too much and I’m getting better! I now tend to buy one nice item that represents the country well and other then indulging my passion for scarves thats about it ;-)


  6. I love the souvenirs you brought home! What a wonderful idea,Meg! I think of all the trinkets acquired through the years, especially when traveling with children. This idea would have been a fun and creative plan! I echo Laurie–Brilliant! Debra


    • Thanks Debra! And when I look at my photos of the souvenirs, I have the same recollection of where I was as if I had actually purchased them. So I would say it is something worth trying…


  7. I agree with everyone that this is a great idea!! Other than a few pieces of jewelry I bought in Scotland, my best souvenirs were the hundreds of photos I took…they bring back memories of a great trip!


  8. I did this with “keepsakes” when we downsized to an apartment a few years ago, and I haven’t once regretted all of the things we parted with, even things I thought I was horribly sentimental about. Just being able to reflect on the stuff *if* I want to is plenty. You took it to the next logical level; how great!! The only thing that’s too bad is that you were less than an hour away from me in Dallas and I didn’t know to look you up! Next time, my friend. :)


    • It’s true-once you have a souvenir, it’s hard to part with it. The photos help keep the focus on the memories, I think. And I will definitely let you know the next time I’m in Dallas!


  9. I agree with everyone else, that’s a great idea. You could always print and frame any particularly nice photos and give them as presents, or make photos into a calendar using one of these online calendar creation sites (Vistprint does them really cheaply).


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