The Candle Lighter Award and the HUG Award

The Candle Lighter Award

I would like to thank Kate of Believe Anyway for giving me the Candle Lighter Award.  When you check this link you will find an explanation of the award:

It is such an honor to receive the Candle Lighter Award because it is meant for blogs that are positive and optimistic.  And Believe Anyway is a perfect example of this, so please have a look and be inspired.  Thanks Kate!

There is no obligation to do anything but accept this award, but I can pass it along to other blogs at any time.  So right now I would like to give the Candle Lighter Award to breathelighter for having a blog that is upbeat and positive.  Congratulations!

 The HUG Award

Thank you, Francine of Francine in Retirement for giving me the HUG (Hope Unites Globally) Award!  I also have an explanation of this award using the following link:

 I want to thank Francine for this award, and I find her blog Francine in Retirement thought-provoking and very enjoyable to read.  Why don’t you visit her blog and see for yourself?

 The HUG award is very special because it’s meant to keep hope alive in the world.  The recipient is to pass this award on to at least one other person, so I would like to nominate Alyson from the Thought Palette and Algarve Blog.  You’ll be challenged, encouraged and entertained by both of these blogs.  Congratulations Alyson!

 And once again, thank you Kate and Francine.  I am so honored to receive these awards!

22 thoughts on “The Candle Lighter Award and the HUG Award

  1. I’m really honored, Meg! I will acknowledge the award on our blog very soon! I am particularlly pleased that the focus is on being positive. We do take that seriously, and it’s delightful to me that our intention shines through! Thanks so much! Debra


  2. wow! I’m really chuffed – and a bit speechless (unusual for me!) – thank you so much for nominating me for the HUG award – and thank you for your kind words!
    woooo! I’m skipping off to have breakfast with a BIG smile on my face! :)
    and HUGE congratulations to you too for both your awards – VERY deserved indeed x


    • Thanks Alyson, and congratulations to you too! Your blogs are so much fun to read, and I’m looking forward to reading about your latest adventure (or project). In other words, I’ll try to keep up with you… :)


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