Greetings from Dallas

Last week I had the opportunity to escape from winter for a few days with a trip to Dallas, Texas.  I was delighted to find the temperature in the 70’s with bright sunshine.  What a change from a cold, snowy, grayish scene I had left mere hours before!

 I was in Dallas for a conference so I was actually in downtown Dallas.   When I saw the flowers in bloom at a local park, I immediately took some pictures of them.  Those flowers couldn’t have looked prettier to me, particularly since I know it will be several months before I’ll see them again (at least outdoors.)  Anyway, this is what I saw:

Here are some of the sights I saw downtown, including some gigantic Christmas ornaments found in various places around the city.  A scene featuring cattle and cowboys seemed to be a popular attraction, because everyone there had their cameras out!

While I was in Dallas I had to visit the flagship Neiman Marcus department store.  The building itself is a Texas landmark, and naturally I had to go inside to admire the interior design (this includes the merchandise).  I was told that the green marble walls by the escalators are unique, and this is what they look like:

I want to say “Thank you” to Dallas for being such a friendly place, and the weather was perfect, too!

34 thoughts on “Greetings from Dallas

  1. I’m so glad you had the chance for some sunshine and flowers! I’ve only been to Dallas once, and now disappointed that I didn’t make it to Neiman Marcus–I didn’t even know it originated in Dallas. We did do the “history tours” associated with JFK. And I just remember getting lost looking for a place to eat. Ha! Your pictures inspire me to think about going back and giving it another try! I’m so glad you had fun! Mixing business with pleasure is especially nice. Debra


  2. Great photos! I have such a thirst for flowers too! Lovely shots of those, with sunshine, no less! Love the reflection of the buildings in the glass of the other building…very cool. The cattle look so real to me! Glad you had a good time…and got a chance to relax, away from your conference. That’s always a blessing!


  3. I have never been to Dallas….but have been to Houston, Austin, Marfa, all through the panhandle…but Dallas looks pretty nice. I really did not have a feel for what it looked like other than the airport, which I have been to many times…but that really doesn’t count. Great post.


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