42 thoughts on “Around San Antonio

  1. These are wonderful photos, Meg. I was in San Antonio once nearly fifteen years ago, and I’ve never forgotten the River Walk. You remind me of how lovely the whole area is, and perhaps we need to think about returning! Debra


  2. We get to go to SA this weekend, but it’s a super-fast trip for a conference, so I’m not sure we’ll get much play time. I’ve only been once before (for the same rushed conference), and am hoping we’ll get to visit for *real* for once, and soon! It *is* a lovely town, from what little I’ve gotten to see thus far, and your pictures make me glad we’ll get even a glimpse again now.


    • Kathryn … don’t know what part of town you’ll be in this weekend, but if you are in the downtown area and are looking for a really authentic Mexican food experience, ask your hotel concierge if you are close to: Mi Teira’s Restaurant and Bakery (a little on the expensive side, but authentic Mexican cuisine), or Boudro’s (casual Tex-Mex on the River Walk), or Jacala’s on West Avenue (a local favorite – not in the downtown area, but definitely worth the trip, and very inexpensive – try the puffy tacos), or La Fogata outdoor patio on West Avenue (if you’re looking for the perfect margarita experience, but located in an impoverished area of town – so go during the day).

      Hope you get good weather while you are in San Antonio. The area has been seeing an unusual amount of rain lately, but temps have been 50-60’s.


  3. Lovely photos, Meg. My sister was married in San Antonio a few years ago. I’ve never been, but I can see why she loves it so much. Thanks!


  4. How enjoyable photos. From Alamo I know that David Crockett (1786–1836) died in the battle of Alamo. I am great fan of Western and that is due that I know.

    When looking at Your last photos, I thought at first that it is from Amsterdam.

    Have a wonderful day!


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