Sounds of Salzburg

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get picked from the audience to go on stage and be part of a show?  Well, you’re about to find out.  It all started on a Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Austria…

Before the tour began I took a funicular ride to the castle, which is high above the city.  From there I had a panoramic view of Salzburg.  I continue to be surprised by all the steep climbs there are around castles.  I think I forget that they were built a long time ago and the convenience of visitors many years later probably wasn’t a priority!

Later on, when I was on the special Sound of Music tour (with dinner), everywhere we went we were told things like “The children and Julie Andrews sang ‘Do-Re-Mi’ here.”  I was thrilled to see these important sights.  I‘d heard that people in Austria weren’t familiar with the movie, but that doesn’t seem to be true now. 

The tour concluded with a dinner, and performers sang songs from The Sound of Music, as well as a little Mozart music.  During a traditional folk song, the performers went out into the audience to get people to come onstage with them to be part of the program.  I was watching from my seat, when suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Sure enough, it was one of the performers.  I slowly followed him to the stage.

We were shown our routine, which consisted of marching three times, clapping our hands and bowing.  I vaguely remembered wanting to stand close to the stage curtain, so I could vanish into its folds.  Then the song was over, and I was taken back to my seat.

I know that secretly I always wanted to be picked for one of these things, but when it happened, I felt a little embarrassed.  But now that it’s woven into my memories of Salzburg, it is a good memory after all.

53 thoughts on “Sounds of Salzburg

  1. Two interesting facts (Believe it or not) – the film is shown every night on Austrian TV and the British Government has a copy that will be broadcast in the event of a National emergency to make us all feel better.


  2. Hi,
    What fantastic views, it looks really nice. Was you able to explore the Castle?
    I think it’s awesome that you got to be part of the play, a lot of great memories on this trip. :)


  3. I visited Salzburg a very long time ago and still remember feeling that Maria and the children might be pedaling down the next road…..thanks for the memories!


  4. Well done you! I think I would have died of stage fright, have always been more of a ‘behind the scenes’ girl. I love the Sound of Music and will be dragging hubby to Salzburg on the next trip, thanks for sharing your photos :-)


  5. You’re right, what a fun memory! I would have been uncomfortable, too, that’s for sure. But now you have the great experience and the special story! I can’t think of anything more delightful than a Sound of Music tour. How great is that. My son was in Salzburg and brought home great photos, some art work, but he did NOT mention this! Great travels! Debra


  6. How nice to have seen some of the spots where scenes from the Sound of Music were shot. I love the movie. It has such a feel good factor so I wasn’t surprised to read in one of the comments on this post that the British government has a copy which will be shown in the event of a National Emergency.


  7. Wow… the closest I’ve ever come to that was when I went to the “Sing-along with the Sound of Music” show in London. I’m jealous… I always wanted to be a Von Trapp ;)!!


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