Chocolate as a Gift

Chocolate is something that many people enjoy receiving as a gift.  However, I’ve found that chocolate rarely makes it back to the people who might have liked it.  This is because I can’t stop thinking about the delicious chocolate bars sitting in my suitcase, and I really can’t resist them.  It’s almost a relief when I’ve eaten them.  Then I can think about something else to take back as a gift.

When I was in Switzerland, I found that it was a perfect place to buy chocolate bars.  And I discovered a way to (almost) satisfy my sweet tooth without spending too much money.  In small grocery stores away from the tourist shops, there were chocolate bars without the name brand labels that sold for around fifty cents.  I wasn’t sure if they’d be as good as the well-known brands, so I bought several of them to eat as an “experiment”.  To my surprise and delight, they were delicious!  

After that I looked for these little shops while I was in Switzerland.  It got to the point that when I saw cows with bells on their collars grazing on the hills, I thought that their milk would go into making chocolate.  Although I kept wondering if I’d get tired of so much candy, I knew that was never going to happen…

So as I said, chocolate is a delightful treat that people like.  And I will try somehow not to eat all of it myself so it can actually be given as a gift.

59 thoughts on “Chocolate as a Gift

  1. I would have been in the same situation. I think we have to be totally responsible and taste everything before giving. Maybe two or three times just to make sure :) :) Great photos as always!


  2. Hi,
    Oh yes chocolate, I’m a chocoholic from way back, I love my chocolate, like you I would of had to taste it just to make sure it was AOK. :D
    Love the photos, the scenery is magnificent.


  3. I am very good at resisting chocolate…as long as it isn’t within arm’s length! We have a local chain of stores–Cost Plus–very convenient for purchasing imported chocolates at a very reasonable price. Dangerous! :-) Debra


  4. What beautiful clouds and mist shrouding the mountains! You too, huh? With the chocolate? It just eats away at my good intentions until I have to have a nibble, then more. :)


  5. Swiss chocolate. You are a wonderful traveler and gift giver. But you’re right….I’ve spent big bucks on chocolate that tasted really bad (strange?) And that’s a great disappointment. So…it’s wise that you sampled it before making large investments.


  6. I love your post! This is the way to travel: sample the chocolate first! Love it!!
    I also love to shop the grocery stores for gifts when I’m overseas. There are lots of low priced goodies there for gifts! (especially ones in sealed jars I can’t get into!) Your photos are so beautiful too. I love the wildflowers, clouds, lakes and mountains.


    • Thanks Judy! I thought that Switzerland was so beautiful. Having delicious chocolate to sample and (maybe) take home made my visit even more wonderful! I did find soaps at the grocery stores too, and those did make it safely home… :)


  7. Whenever I travel it is the local grocery stores that I hit first. I like to peruse the aisles looking for treats that represent the local palate and not the tourist palate. Your chocolate find sound great.


    • That’s a really good point about going to local stores! I’ve found things like greeting cards, calendars, and soap as well as treats like chocolate and cookies. And the prices are reasonable, too… :)


  8. Hahaha this is a funny post; actually reminded me of when I went chocolate shopping for “souvenirs” in Belgium… It got really warm all of a sudden so I ate most of them! My justification? – they were going to melt in my backpack anyway! Lol


  9. Are you kidding? I am forever buying chocolate as souvenirs, but I’m the only person I’m really certain is going to get any fun out of the production. I try not to have any unrealistic plans in any other direction, because chocolate just Happens! ;) Especially good European chocolate!


  10. They do say, never give a gift you wouldn’t want to get yourself. Of course, sometimes it’s best to double up, so you have something left to give if you like the gift too much. I’m with you on the joys of giving (and eating) chocolate. It’s hard to save back when that little voice in your head keeps whispering … yum! :)


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