Around Prague

When I was in Prague I saw many of the famous attractions, which include Old Town Square, Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.  The following pictures show some of the memorable places around the city.  I should also mention that while I was there the weather changed frequently, so there are pictures of overcast (as well as sunny) skies.

 Here is some of what I saw:


I really enjoyed a stroll through the Old Town section of Prague.  Have a look:

And elsewhere in Prague:

52 thoughts on “Around Prague

  1. Meg, you and Jason make me want to visit europe–probably won’t but love seeing the pictures and hearing about the unusual things we wouldn’t normally hear about-keep traveling and giving us a tour with your commentary and pictures.


  2. Hi,
    Spectacular architecture, really lovely old buildings, and I love that there is a lot of colour in these buildings as well.
    But your 1st photo is really magnificent, how beautiful is that Murial at the top of the building in the arch, I was really taken aback when I saw it, really, really, beautiful.
    Fantastic photos, they really give you a feel for the history.


  3. I rarely wish to revisit places, but I’ve always fancied seeing Prague again. Now I’ve been reminded I really must go soon. You caught the magic of the place beautifully. Thank you.


  4. What Old World charm! Truly unique architecture! I can’t be sure what I’m seeing in that last photo? Is it falling down or just an illusion! It has a whimsical look :-) My son and his friend visited Prague a couple of years ago…right before Christmas. Lots of snowy photos…freezing. But he has talked more about this city than any of his other travels. It must be really special…I love looking at the photos! Debra


  5. Beautiful and so unusual. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Most people I know who have been tell me it is a charming and friendly city.


  6. Prague still sits on my bucket list, waiting to happen. What I WANT is a river cruise – Budapest, Prague, floating along the Rhine past the vineyards and castles – I saw your Rhine post. Or a river cruise in France …


    • I think a river cruise in France – or Budapest or Vienna – would be great fun! It gives you a unique view of the scenery (like castles), so different from land. Well, another addition to my list … :)


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