Umbrellas and Ponchos

I don’t think I’ve gone on a trip where it hasn’t rained at least once.  And although I always pack a sturdy umbrella, I don’t carry it with me every day.  And of course when I don’t have it, it inevitably rains.  What to do?

I’ve bought umbrellas from people who appear out of nowhere with boxes of them after it starts raining.  Let’s just say these umbrellas are flimsy:  one puff of wind and they turn inside out!  Next I go into a souvenir shop and buy another umbrella.  But before I’ve walked a block the wind will blow that one inside out, too.  So it’s on to another plan.

This time I go into a souvenir shop and buy a plastic poncho.  One with a hood.  These aren’t particularly attractive, but it doesn’t matter because it keeps me from getting wetter!  As a result I have quite a collection of ponchos from trips.  My favorite is the one I bought outside Edinburgh Castle that came with a carrying case.  I still use it.

The good thing about buying ponchos is that as soon as I buy one, the rain seems to stop.  Then I take it off, fold it up, and resume my sightseeing.  So my new plan (when I don’t have my umbrella handy) is to buy a poncho right away, because it’s sure to bring the sun back a lot sooner.

72 thoughts on “Umbrellas and Ponchos

  1. I have left more umbrellas in too many places. I just don’t remember I had one. I drive one around in my car and that is where it is when I am in a place and need to get TO the car. Enjoyed your photos and thoughts today.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh

  2. They make “stuffable” rain jackets that are much more comfortable and better looking than the plastic ponchos. “Stuffable” means that you stuff them back into their own pocket, and zip the pocket closed, leaving a small compact item that is easy to carry, one even has loops to be attached to your belt after it is stuffed.They would easily fit in a large purse or fanny pack, and then you would have it with you no matter what the weather. They also come in handy when the weather cools off more than expected. Oh, and great photos by the way!

  3. I have had folding umbrellas that seem to last. But then I’m never in a strong wind just rain. If it always rains when you travel maybe you should bring your umbrella with you at all times to insure good weather :-)

    • I’m always surprised by those sudden gusts of wind, because I think the umbrellas could withstand the rain. And you’re right-I’ll definitely need a good plan before I head off again!

  4. I have given up on umbrellas as I have lost so many. I now have a lurid pink raincoat with a hood which folds into one of its pockets and has a strap for carrying it around. Good plan buying a poncho to stop the rain!

  5. Hi,
    Beautiful architecture on the buildings, really magnificent. I love the clock, a lot of work has gone into that one.
    What a strange building/house in the middle of the 2 roads, I have never seen anything like it, yet it just seems to look right somehow. :D

    • The photo of the building you mentioned was taken on a day when the weather changed back and forth from sun to rain many times! But I liked the symmetry of it, too. And the clock photo was from Chester, England, on a beautiful sunny day… :)

  6. Beautiful photos! Your thoughts on ponchos brought back a memory of a little folded light plastic hat my grandmother kept in her purse and whipped out whenever we were caught in the rain. Much like ponchos, this was far from a great fashion look, but I remember thinking it was clever. I haven’t thought of her funny rain hat in probably thirty years! Ha! I guess it’s just the “be prepared” rule, but no matter how bedraggled I’d look, I’m sure getting caught in the rain in these beautiful settings is only a minor inconvenience–consider a plastic hat next time! Ha! Debra

  7. Meg, I thoroughly agree. If you carry an umbrella or poncho with you it usually insures sunny days…go without one and it pours. I always pack two folding umbrella and think about the added weight in the suitcase but I just can’t bring myself to go without them.

  8. Oh–and I love the photo of the Linderhof. It looks every bit as beautiful in the mist as in sunshine, and sometimes a bit of overcast actually *enhances* the intensity of a green landscape.

  9. Awwww, lovely post, Meg. I remember hearing while in Scotland “if it is raining, hang on, because the sun will be out very soon.” How nice it is, though, to bring home an umbrella from another country– I have one from London in the back seat of my car. :)

  10. I’ve left a trail of cheap, inside-out umbrellas purchased in desperation. Now I have a long, hooded raincoat that folds up into its own pocket, and it stays with me at all times when we travel in Britain! (Or Oregon, for that matter).

    Also, I got a “whoosh” of deja vu when I read Debra’s post above — my grandmothers both had one of those plastic rain hats that folded up in accordion pleats and got tucked into a little plastic sleeve. Wow! Hadn’t thought of those since I was a kid!

  11. Beautiful photos. I love rainy days and it is nice to know that someone else takes the rain with them when they travel, my family always tell me that I should visit drought affected areas because every time I go on holiday it rains. We bought cheap umbrellas outside the Colosseum, had to be quick though because the Italian police were chasing them, it was hilarious because they were still trying to sell their umbrellas as they were running away and they had the biggest grins on their faces.

    • What a great story! I always wondered where the people came from who sell these umbrellas… :) And it rains at least once every time I take a trip. However I have a plan for the future: bring a packable jacket in a pouch!

  12. Ponchos are hands free and won’t stick anyone in the eye – more perfect reasons they win over the umbrella. Love your photos and glad to see you won’t let a little moisture ruin your sightseeing efforts.

  13. You are so right. The rain always seems to stop as soon as I buy a poncho too, sometimes before i even put it on. That happened once in Portofino!

    I love the photo of the clock tower! And thanks for commenting on my blog too!

  14. Stunning photos…When I was in Hong Kong, it rain…so ended up, buying a flimsy one. Thanks for the stop by and liking my most recent post. All the best in your adventurous..Hopefully one day, I get to see the world, like you.


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