74 thoughts on “Simply Capri, Italy

  1. Wow so beautiful-the road in one pic looks like a little ribbon and it is waaayyy below the top of the cliff so those cliffs are monumental-can see why it is so famous it kind of steals your heart.


  2. Happy memories! We spent a fortnight in Sorrento once and saw Capri, Ischia, Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello, not to mention Pompei, Herculaneum and Naples. It was a beautiful trip.
    Don’t remember seeing this post. It shows I’m following you at the top of the page so I should have? Gremlins! I was just in the process of sorting out my 7 x 7 post and I got distracted (always!)


    • It does seem mysterious, but if you saw this post now that’s all that matters! And I really enjoyed staying in Sorrento, but I’ll have to go back again so I can see the Amalfi Coast… :)


  3. There’s a stunning film called Contempt, with a very young Bridget Bardot, Jack Palance and Fritz Lang (German film maker) These photos take me right back to those stunning scenes of Capri! Gorgeous :)


  4. Great photos of Capri! I’ve been to Naples twice, the first time I never made it to Capri, the second time I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time on Capri. But I did ride a chair life in Anacapri that was literally like 10 minutes long to get to the top of a mountain. It was incredible!


    • I would suggest taking a ferry from Sorrento to Capri. Once you’re in Capri, it’s easy to get around by funicular, minibus, or just walking! It’s beautiful everywhere you look in Capri. And be sure to take part in the evening stroll in Sorrento, where local people walk and chat with family and friends. It’s really a unique experience!


        • I mostly ate at small cafes in Capri, with many stops for gelato! And I’ve been to Pompeii, and I would suggest a walking tour with a local guide. They can explain things well and answer your questions. I’m glad I went to Pompeii because I had read so much about it in school. I hope this helps!


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