38 thoughts on “Postcard Suggestion

  1. As kid I loved to watch the clothes blow in the wind and smell the freshness of sun-dried clothes… Then I would hear my mom yelling out the window, “Get from under the clothes!”. Fun times! :) Thanks for the memories!


  2. I love everything about this photo. The color of the houses, the flowers in the pots, the strips on the doors, the tiles on the top of the buildings and the angle of the shot. All indeed makes for a wonderful postcard. Thanks for posting.



  3. The photo captures the feeling of “home”–no matter where it is in the world! Lovely colors! Our home had a permanent clothesline in the yard when we moved in. When the children were very small I used it from time to time. Eventually we took it out, and just the other day I wished we still had it! It was economical, energy-efficient (maybe not mine, but otherwise!) and one of the things that it did was just slow me down a bit–I get a little nostalgic for those simpler times. The photo brought that back to me a bit. What a great eye you have, and good sense of timing to share this picture on a Saturday. Home and slowing down! Debra


    • Your comment is so thoughtful. At the time I thought that even in beautiful Burano, this is someone’s home and they have to do things like laundry! And thanks for your insight, Debra :)


  4. What a lovely place so full of sunshine, colors and happiness. Interesting how the make the front of the house attractive, and the sides are a bit rough and earthy. Hey, no grass lawn to cut! That can be a plus! I can practically see the striped curtains moving in the breeze…


  5. You have captured Burano perfectly, such a lovely, colourful place to visit and the laundry hanging from buildings reminds you that you’re visiting someone’s home and not just a tourist destination.


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