Around Philadelphia

While I was in Philadelphia I wanted to see the historic places in the city.  The list included the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House.  But beyond the colonial monuments, I found a really beautiful and interesting city.  I took a double-decker bus tour to see the sights, and I also did lots of walking to see other places I remembered from books and movies.  Here is some of what I saw during my visit to Philadelphia.

Historic places:

These were from original department stores:

Take a ride on a trolley!

Other sights:

The Liberty Bell:

73 thoughts on “Around Philadelphia

  1. Philadelphia is a great city…there are several little interesting sections of town with great shops and galleries. I found the people to be really nice too!

    Love your pictures!



  2. Hi,
    I love looking at the older buildings, there were always built I feel with a lot of love, so much work went into the architecture, so much detail, really nice. Like the statues around the top of the building in your 7th photo simply stunning. :)


    • The colonial buildings in Philadelphia are very charming and have held up well over the years. And thank you for mentioning the photo of William Penn statue/City Hall – I took a lot of photos to get a clear one!


  3. All the brick… ! So much gratitude and honor we owe our Founding Fathers (and Mothers). I can almost imagine the hope they had in their hearts for our country. They must have been bursting with pride.


  4. Hi, thanks for sharing these pictures. Was the Liberty bell relocated? I seem to remember it being in different surroundings, more of a colonial atmosphere than modern building. Any ideas? I visited a long time ago so it is possible it was moved.


  5. Wonderful photos. Everyone should visit at least once…I did on a true “whirlwind tour” years ago. Much too short a visit to have any real meaning, so I would be a good candidate for a return! Debra


    • I think you’d like it very much, Debra. If you take a double-decker bus tour you can get a good overview of the city, then return to the places you like best. Anyway, that’s what I did :)


  6. I remember hitch hiking through downtown Philadelphia in the early ’70s at high noon on a hot day with more cars than I had ever seen in one place all honking their horns. For an 18 year old kid from a small town in New Hampshire, it really was amazing. Thank you for taking me on a trip down memory lane. It looks just like I remember it.


  7. Wonderful photos…I have’t been there in so long. Friends go to the flower show there every year. I think I should join them on one of their trips.


  8. Philadelphia is on my looooong to-visit list. I don’t know if it was very high on the list until last June when I finally got to visit Boston and realized how much American history would be a draw in Philly as well, but it definitely moved on up then! Great photos.


    • Philadelphia has many, many places of historical significance. And being from the Boston area (Lexington), it gave me a very different perspective, which I really appreciated!


    • I really enjoyed my visit to Philadelphia! I was interested in learning about its colonial history and the (major) influence of Benjamin Franklin. I’ll go back again when I have the chance!


  9. Great pictures! We lived in Philadelphia for a number of years (1 block from the Academy of Music, so right in Center City) and loved it! Seeing your pictures makes me miss it all over again. We went back last year and visited (plus a trip to New York City) and I blogged the trip from my phone ( I wish we could go again! Thanks for sharing your pictures!


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