Philly: the Flat Ruthie Visit

(Note from Meg):  I was recently in Philadelphia and I caught up with Flat Ruthie for some sightseeing.  She’s very energetic, as you will see.

It’s me, Flat Ruthie.  I’m at the airport on my way to Philadelphia.  I really wanted the window seat (I got it), but I had a little trouble getting my seat belt securely fastened.  On the plane I got a snack and a cold drink.  I knew I needed to keep my strength up for the trip.

Welcome to Philadelphia!  I couldn’t wait to take a tour, so Meg and I decided to go on a double-decker bus to see the city highlights.  I think that I had the best seat on the bus.

There was lots of traffic, but after taking in the historical sights, we ended up at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  There was someone I really wanted to see there…

Yo Rocky!

After all the excitement of the double-decker bus tour, I needed a little lunch.  So here’s my favorite sandwich:  a Philly cheesesteak.  Excuse me – I thought I asked for Cheese (or is it Cheez?) Whiz on this!

Now it’s time for souvenir shopping.  I really hope no one mistakes me for a souvenir.  Hi there!  Do people get mad at you because you stay so thin?  I get that all the time.  But I’m just very active.

I had fun in Philadelphia.  It’s a beautiful city with so much to see.  Thanks for taking these pictures of me, Meg.  I really like this one of me with lots of souvenir Liberty Bells.  I wish I could take them all home!

For more of Flat Ruthie’s adventures, visit her blog at:  Cardboard Me Travels

44 thoughts on “Philly: the Flat Ruthie Visit

  1. Ha! I just did a Shutterfly book for my Granddaughter with her Flat Stanley that she sent me. They are such amiable traveling companions, aren’t they? Never a bother, always cheerful, ready at a moment’s notice to drop everything and join in on an adventure…


    • That’s such a great tip! Ruthie is going to practice how to ask for a sandwich for her next trip (and there will definitely be another one). She loves Philadelphia. And thanks!


  2. Hi,
    Wow, Ruthie sure knows how to travel, and what great photos. That is the first time I have seen or ever heard of a Philly cheesesteak, certainly does look good. :)
    Oh and Ruthie next time ask for a seat with a smaller seatbelt.
    Have fun on your travels. :D


  3. I don’t know…you may not want to travel with Ruthie on a regular basis. She’s quite the scene stealer, isn’t she! I love her smile. And at least she doesn’t eat too much–that makes it easier to bring her along, I’m sure! Debra


  4. Flat Ruthie is a joy to travel with and she does steal the show. Everyone has fun with her. I have seen her on other adventures. Nice to see her with you in Phildelphia.



  5. Three Well Being sent me here today, HAPPY EASTER!
    What a nice post, it’s nice to have Ruthie be spontaneous…and worth a day of photo’s to share.


  6. Oh that world traveler, Flat Ruthie! How I envy her ability to see so much and such light packing? I could learn a few things from her…she keeps her weight down and still eats all that fun food wherever she goes…she packs light..seems she can keep wearing the same clothes and they never look rumpled…never complains when she is tired…Flat Ruthie could write a travel guide..


  7. I don’t go anywhere. And Holo Holo Lani complains about it. Can I stick her in an envelop and send her to you. You know, just to get her off my back. She would like to see the rest of the world. I guess you could say she has island fever.


  8. Flat Ruthie is just flat ADORABLE! Philly—another place I’d really like to see. The entire northeast calls to me. I hope we get stationed there next!
    That Philly cheesesteak looked so delicious, I could have jumped in and stolen it from Flat Ruthie! So creative, Meg!


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