Saving For a Trip

Here’s something I do to save money for trips that started when I brought some coin banks home from a visit to England.  These little banks were originally containers for caramels and shortbread that came in the shapes of double-decker buses and post boxes.  Once the treats were gone, I made a display of them at home.  But then I thought:  why not use them to save money?  I started using one of them to keep the extra coins I’d brought home from England.  I reasoned this would give me some starter money to use on my next trip there.

An opportunity to buy a piggy bank happened when I was in Switzerland.  I saw a really cheerful one and thought I could use it for the Swiss francs I didn’t spend.  At this point I decided to build a collection of banks.  And I might mention that they also make nice souvenirs!

So now I fill them with extra coins I’m saving toward future trips (this includes shopping trips).  It works well for me.

67 thoughts on “Saving For a Trip

  1. Hi,
    What a great idea and your right they would make great souvenirs. :D

    I was wondering about your last photo, and were it was taken, do you know what the ancient ruins were originally or anything about them?


    • The photo is from the Roman Forum, which was (among other things) ancient Rome’s marketplace. Since I’m going to Italy soon, I wanted to include a photo from there. And thanks for asking!


  2. Hey, Meg, that’s so cute and really helpful. Love those little banks especially the double decker buses. Where are you going next?


  3. I love those banks! What a great idea. I guess i will just have to leave the islands in order to collect them. This is like the chicken and the egg thing. I need the banks to save the money to take a trip, but then I need to take the trip to get the banks to save the money for the trip. Hmm what to do, what to do. :-)
    Enjoyed the post.


  4. Trips are my favorite things to save for. I often ask for them – or money toward them – for my birthday or anniversary. I think making a memory that lasts forever is much better than a material gift that is forgotten about shortly.


  5. I have a big piggy for pennies which is heavy, nearly full but won’t have very much money and a terramundi for pound coins. If I could fill that one it would have around £200!


  6. I love those small coin banks. In Finland we call them piggy banks. They were very popular here many years ago and I saved coins into them a year or two and then I spent money to travel. In my home we have yet few of them as memories from the past. BTW, My mother was at work in the firm, which made them and that is why we have a variety of them.

    Great post.


    • That’s so nice that your collection of piggy banks have such wonderful memories! I agree with you that saving coins in them really add up, and then you can use that money for travel. Thanks for your comment :)


  7. This really is a great idea. Love the banks as souvenirs!
    While planning a trip, picking up a container or bank from an import store of the actual country you want to visit could be a physical reminder to save money for that specific goal.
    But we have a really really large glass jar we throw all our coins in whenever we get them. Then we roll them up, add them up, and see where we can go for that. It takes a while, but adds up faster than you think


  8. Fantastic idea. I have a piggy bank with ‘chocolate fund’ stamped on the side, but if I put a bit in each week I’ll have a fair bit of spending money for chocolate (or shoes!) when I go to Rome in September.

    If you’ve been, hints would be appreciated.


  9. LOVED this post! It brought back so many memories; I (and my siblings) had one each when we were growing up and we were encouraged to save. Mine never got very full though, probably because mostly I remember trying to pry the coins out of the slot with a knife, one at a time (there was no other opening). Something I obviously practised too well and got too good at!


    • That’s such a great story! I could never figure out how to get coins out – I turned the bank upside down and shook it, but that didn’t work… So now I leave the money alone and it really adds up!


  10. What a fun post to write and share! I brought some banks back (with the treats) and once they were empty, gave them to my then 2 yr old. She has quite a nice little collection of coin banks and the British ones were a nice addition. Who doesn’t smile to see Big Ben with Peter Pan flying around it or a classic red double decker bus?


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