Lincoln Park Zoo in Early Spring

I was in Chicago a few weeks ago.   One of my favorite destinations there is the Lincoln Park Zoo.  It’s actually in the city, so when you look around you can see many tall buildings.  In fact, the parking area gives you a view of some of the city’s skyscrapers.

It was cloudy and a bit chilly the day I was there, and there weren’t a lot of people walking around.  Yet it was a fine day to be outdoors as long as you dressed in layers to stay warm!

Without the crowds, there are places to sit…

The polar bear is splashing in the water and playing with a ball.

This bear is working hard just balancing.

It’s a little early in the season to eat outdoors…

But flowers are in bloom.

And here’s a cheerful banner.

39 thoughts on “Lincoln Park Zoo in Early Spring

  1. The Octagonal building very much resembles the old Farmer’s Market building in Petersburg, Virginia. This is a wonderful set of photos. Thanks for the share!


  2. Hi,
    Great photos, the city skyline is unreal, that is my first real look at Chicago.
    I love the entrance to the zoo, it all looks very inviting, I also love going to zoos to see all the different animals, it’s the only chance I feel that you get to see some animals that you would never normally have a chance to see. :)


  3. What a beautiful spot! So unexpected in the middle of the city. I have only been in Chicago once, and for such a brief time that I didn’t have the opportunity to see too much. This would be a delight for me! Debra


  4. When my children were little we lived where there was a small zoo…with an annual pass we went there often as a place to draw, read, and visit their favorite animals. Thanks for visiting and the “like”…


  5. I was in Chicago just this past week. It was sunny, it was warm. It was a perfect week for walking up and down streets with names like Rush, Michigan, Grand and Fulton. I like your pictures very much…Chicago is my favorite American City.


  6. I love the Lincoln Park Zoo. It’s a perfect size and right smack between the lake and town! Lovely spot. Your photos are wonderful. It looks like the zoo is waking up from its winter nap….love the daffy’s and the animals!


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