At the Reading Terminal Market

I discovered this market while I was in Philadelphia last month.  It was around noon and I was getting hungry, so I walked through the Reading Terminal Market searching for a place to eat lunch.  Let’s just say there was lots of food here!

There were plenty of places to sit down for a sandwich (or anything else you might want for lunch).  And there was a variety of other things to buy, from candy to fresh vegetables. I had a great time strolling through the market and looking at the booths.  Here is some of what I saw:


Things to take home:

Popcorn and more:

This is a great place to spend time wandering around.  Just don’t hurry!

69 thoughts on “At the Reading Terminal Market

  1. I always make a point of visiting markets when I visit a new city, they’re so vibrant and a real insight into the foods and traditions of local people. I’ll bet the smells in there were great and wow that chocolate looks terrific!

  2. This reminds me of the open market in Holland. Great photos. I’m going to switch you over to an RSS Feed and stop following you this way. I’m still following you though. so don’t think I’ve dropped you when I remove you from my list. At least I hope I can do it. Boy I have such trouble doing these thing.

  3. What a great place! We have one Whole Foods Market that seems a lot like this. It’s huge, and when I realized the size of the nut and nut butter “bar” was the size of most produce departments, I declared, “The Mother Ship has landed!” We don’t go often, because I spend a fortune. But aren’t we fortunate to even have stores with this much variety! We are surely very spoiled. Thanks for sharing this great place, and I say, “have fun!” Debra

  4. Great pics. I spent three years in Massachusetts back in my twenties. Love the east coast (grew up in Nova Scotia) and miss it often. We lived in Lynn first and then Wakefield and I worked in Boston. Loved the wonderful markets with cheeses and fresh flowers and fabulous veggies.

  5. I spent 3 months last year in Philly working on a project and LOVED to go exploring Reading Market…the spice place to try new ones you never knew you needed, the great blueberry panckakes for breakfast, the treats of sweets and chocolate…sure wish they had one here in Atlanta! Thanks for the memories!

  6. Good memories of when my parents lived in Philly and we shopped there. Try the ice cream at Bassett’s when you return. Did you see any chocolates in weird shapes there? One time I saw chocolate mice. Lots of them!

    • I imagine you had lots of fun going there! And I actually did get ice cream at Bassett’s while I was there :) The only reason I didn’t include it in my story was that it was so crowded I couldn’t get a good photo.

  7. Terminal as in “death by food” Meg? At least it’s mostly healthy stuff. I’m so easily misled! First I thought you were at a “reading” festival so I was all set for some book recommendations, then I thought it would be Reading in Berks., England. Still, I like surprises!

    • I can imagine your confusion trying to figure out what this place was! All of your observations were very reasonable, and yet it turned out to be something completely different. I wasn’t familiar with the market until I visited Philadelphia, but I’d definitely recommend it (especially if you’re hungry)!

  8. Nice post. Meg! As a native Philadelphian, I would go through Reading Terminal Market w/ my father ever since I was a kid. And Bassett’s ice cream was always on the list as my favorite “stop”. Thank you for dropping by my “artdoesmatter” blog, as it’s brought me to yours. I will enjoying following your future adventures and your lovely blog also!

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