Italy Time

After many months of planning and preparation, it’s just about time to go to Italy.  So now I’m going to start packing.  Let’s see:  I need to leave room in the suitcase for souvenirs such as scarves, Venetian glass jewelry and chocolate.  Well, never mind the chocolate.  It rarely makes it home.

On my to-do list:

Look for gelato shops and sample as many flavors as possible.  Save the tiny spoons for souvenirs.

Take lots of pictures and remember to occasionally put the camera away and simply enjoy the scenery.

Bring an extra pair of walking shoes, an umbrella, a poncho, and be grateful for good weather.

But it can also be beautiful when it rains…

I’m hoping to have lots of adventures so I’ll have interesting things to write about when I get back.  Arrivederci!

97 thoughts on “Italy Time

  1. Have fun, soak it all in, and enjoy-looking forward to seeing some more great photos and hearing about your journey

  2. Your best advise was, remember to put the camera away! I’ve forgotten to “smell the roses” more often then not when I get so carried a way taking photos. But you know, when I get home and look at those snap shots I’m thrilled to have them because I know memories fades and I will always be able to relive the trip the my lens.

    • I’m definitely going to try to balance taking pictures with simply enjoying the beautiful sights. But it’s also nice to have the pictures as souvenirs later on. Good point Karen – thanks!

    • I’m glad you like that list! And although I’ll try not to buy too much Venetian glass jewelry, I’m sure I’ll “forget” I only have so much room in my suitcase!

    • I must admit I’m looking forward to seeing Venice! But everywhere I’ve been in Italy is beautiful, so I know I’ll come back with new favorite places. And thank you!

  3. I don’t know the answer to this, Meg. Is there good Italian chocolate? :-) I laughed at saving the gelato spoons…good idea! Have an absolutely wonderful time, and savor every moment! I’ll be so eager to hear all your highlights! Debra

    • Great question, and I’ll do research by sampling Italian chocolate while I’m there! Between that and collecting spoons I should stay busy :) And thanks Debra – I’m really looking forward to this trip!

  4. Have fun on your trip. It must Italy year or something. I’ve read a few posts lately on vacations is different parts of Italy. Are they having specials? BTW-chocolate never makes it back with me either. I stopped promising friends I would bring some to them. They kept getting mad at me when I confessed I ate their gift :)

    • I completely understand, Ashley – I’ll gladly bring back gifts other than chocolate! And I can say that I simply wanted to go to Italy this year. It’s one of my favorite places to visit… :)

  5. I am so excited for you, don’t forget to buy one extremely tacky souvenir that will make people wonder where your good taste and sense of style went, it will make you smile every time you look at it. Have a fabulous time sampling all the gelati flavours and other delicious treats, happy travels my friend.

    Ciao for now!

  6. so excited for you! I’ve been in Nice, France since January and had the chance to visit I
    taly since it was so close! enjoy :]

  7. I’ve been traveling vicariously through there lately, but that’s really not good enough! I love Venice and everything about Italy. Hope you have a great trip (but I know you will since after all you’re going to Italy). Enjoy as much gelato and chocolate as possible!

  8. “Forget the chocolate, they never make it back anyway” – Hahaha OH SOOO TRUEE!!! Have fun and safe travels in Italy! I hope to make it there one of these days! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  9. You’re back, Meg~ And I’m so enjoying your gorgeous photos! Love the colors of the buildings. You have a great eye for framing and setting shots. I love the preparation for a trip. The anticipation is part of the excitement! The trip home is always longer and sadder for me, although it’s always good to be home. ;)
    Thanks for another great post!

    • Thanks so much Judy! Italy is so beautiful and photogenic it’s lots of fun to take pictures. And I agree that the time spent preparing for a trip makes it that much more enjoyable!

  10. Italy is filled with beautiful architecture, no matter what city you visit, from what I’ve seen throughout the blogs. I hope you have a grand time while your out and about exploring the many wonders Italy has to offer. Too, I agree with you on that chocolate, besides it would be ashamed if it were to melt in your suitcase and ruin your other little trinkets. I’d eat that on site, too, I think.

    • I’ve pretty much given up on keeping chocolate long enough to put in my suitcase! Besides, it’s fun to go sightseeing in Italy while munching on chocolate. And there are so many beautiful places to see…

  11. I am just catching up on things and saw you stopped by my blog. THANKS!
    So how was the trip? Italy is awesome… I’ve been 3 times. Where did you go? Or maybe I should look at other posts and find out ;)
    I love Europe and especially Italy. I love the whole Roman Empire thing and the old buildings…. Can’t wait to read more.

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