How to Get Around in Italy

Now that I’m back from Italy, I realize there are many ways to go from place to place.  Besides walking, I thought I’d focus on how people get around.  For instance, did you know you could get into a traffic jam while in a gondola?  Just look at this:

You can go places by car, but if you think that it’s easy parking in Rome, think again…

Maybe you should get one of these in a different color.

A bicycle is a simple, reliable way to travel.

It’s fun to try all these different ways of traveling.


90 thoughts on “How to Get Around in Italy

  1. Think I will be taking the bicycle route! (Although a gondola ride will certainly be in the cards – bucket list item rather than for official transportation!!!)

  2. Sounds like you learned a lot! ; ) I think I would stick with bike and gondola. What a beautiful place to visit…I would love to see Venice in particular.

  3. How wonderful to have you back…safe, sound, and happy! Sounds like a wonderful trip, and fun photos. I’m sure you’ll be sharing more. So what were all those identical motorbikes? Did they belong to the police or other official presence? Surely they weren’t all for private citizens…how would you ever keep them straight! :-) Debra

    • Thanks Debra – it’s good to be back. Those motorbikes were parked near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and there were many rows of them. I saw a few people drive them out after I took the picture (maybe on their lunch break)? I don’t know how they could tell one from another! And I’ll have more on Italy coming up… :)

  4. Welcome back! So happy you made it back safe and sound, what a wonderful collection of memories, experiences and photos you will have to share. The parking in Rome is something I’ll never forget and I remember looking down at a car park in Sorrento and there appeared to be thousands of Vespas/Scooters parked in one spot.

    • Thank you! I found it fascinating how creative people were about parking their cars. It made me very happy to simply walk to get places! But it’s part of the fun of being in Italy… :)

  5. Meg….you’re back from Italy? Where does time go? I’m going to keep browsing here…I know I’ve miss a ton of special posts. ;( Love this one on transportation!
    When I was there it took me the first day to get used to the “bumblebee” sound of the Vespas! I’d hear it at first and not recognize it until the BEEP sounded right behind me! Yikes! ;) Great post!

  6. What a cute and fun and thoughtful post! I really enjoyed the commentary and associated pics! Traveling by foot is always the easiest! It’s much slower, but then you can soak it all in much more!

    • Thanks! For me as a visitor, walking can be an efficient way to get around. And I agree with you – you can see so much when you’re walking, especially the details!

  7. I have got to visit Italy at some point in this lifetime, Meg. I haven’t seen a photo of it (anywhere),yet, that isn’t charming, lovely, romantic, and just down right classy, even if it is simply of the beautiful countryside. I love the way the buildings are built all the way up to the shoreline, canal bank?, whatever … it’s like the buildings and mother nature are merged together in unity. I like their little cars, too. As much as there is to see, I suspect those little numbers are a great way to see the sights on a budget. Really cool share, as always. :)

    • Italy is a wonderful place to visit and I hope you get to see it sometime! The buildings are charming to look at and they’re quite functional at the same time. And I agree that those small cars are a must for seeing the sights in style… :)

  8. I just came back from my trip to Europe. I think the best part of touring Italy and other cities in Europe is that you can walk, train, and bike. Great post!

  9. Thanks, now I am really out of excuses except the eternal budget issue! I would like to visit Italy, especially Florence. It shouldn’t be that difficult since I am already in France… It seems I am so happy exploring France, I am in no rush to go anywhere else.
    Great focus and I loved the photos.

  10. Thanks for the kind words. I do adore France and there is so much to explore. However, I have no doubt you are right about Italy. BTW, that little red car is great! :)

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