A View of San Gimignano

It happened to rain on the day I visited San Gimignano in Tuscany.  Since this is always a possibility on a trip, I came to Italy prepared for any kind of weather.  So I wore a poncho and carried an umbrella.  Since it wasn’t windy, the umbrella didn’t blow inside out!  When I wanted to take a picture I stood under an awning or near a building entrance.  I thought the town looked pretty in the rain and I accepted it as something that happens when you travel.

But a few hours later the rain started to let up.   The clouds thinned out and there was a hint of blue sky, and later the sun appeared.  After that I enjoyed the rest of the day even more because I was happy that the weather had improved so much.  And the drops of water on the ground made everything sparkle.  So on that day I was able to see the contrast of rain and sun.  And San Gimignano was beautiful either way.

You can see sun and shade later in the day:

88 thoughts on “A View of San Gimignano

  1. We all wish for good weather when we travel, but maybe a little bit of rain provides an even more authentic experience of a new place. It just doesn’t need to be too authentic, though!

  2. Oh Meg…so beautiful. You are so blessed to have the ability to do this, not just the travel but the ease with which you share it with us. It’s like being there. Just lovely.

  3. I can hear the mandolins in the background everytime I look at one of your pictures. So quaint and so old world. Love feeling like I kind of got to go along. Beautiful Meg rain or not.

  4. Fantastic photos Meg, and I like the fact that you were able to see San Gimignano in the rain and the sun. When you see somewhere in different weathers you get a real all-round feel for the place, and I can imagine this memory will stick with you for a long time. It looks like a beautiful place.

    • That’s just how I felt about it! And because I saw it in the rain, I appreciated the good weather even more. But it wouldn’t have mattered if it had only rained – it was still beautiful!

  5. love the line of flower pots and the brick details and the patchwork landscape and the metalwork scrolling….and, and, and…………………..and the flowers and the mysterious doorway. Where did that lead, I wonder??

    • That’s what I always wonder, too! I’m fascinated by doors and doorways, especially in Italy. And I found the flowerpots enchanting. All those wonderful details…

  6. Nice pix, Meg! Did you know that umbrellas that are virtually unbreakable in high winds do exist? I only know this cuz a friend actually owns one!
    Big hug!

  7. Hi,
    Fantastic photos, and such beautiful scenery, it does look so very different, I love the architecture, which always fascinates me with a lot of the older buildings. :)

  8. The red chairs lined up with the white tables…wonderful photo. What a beautiful town, Meg. The gray skies go well with the old buildings. Weather is not so hard on the traveler, but it can make photos tough! You did well! Debra

    • While it was raining I stood under awnings so I could get the pictures I wanted. I really liked the chairs and tables – I think they were waiting, too. And thank you Debra!

  9. It has almost always rained on me at some point in Italy. I’ve usually been at the end of May and summer’s not really arrived. So beautiful though Meg. Thanks for sharing.

    • I like traveling in May, so sometimes there’s a little rain. But it’s still a good month because it’s less crowded than during the summer. And I’m glad you liked the pictures!

  10. Tuscany is my number one travel destination, and the landscape looks exactly like I imagined it. Beautiful photos, I feel like I’ve had a wonderful preview. Now I’m even more determined to go! :)

    • That’s fantastic that you’ve been to San Gimignano twice! I thought it was gorgeous, and I’m happy I got to see it in the sunshine at least part of the time… I’ll just have to visit there again :)

  11. Oh I loved San Gimignano! It’s such a special little town. I love the narrow walkways and the plants everywhere. The church was simple and beautiful. You captured it so well with your lovely, lovely photos. Your landscape shot with the rain in the distance is awesome! I love Tuscan landscape shots. I didn’t take enough!

    • Hi Judy! You describe San Gimignano beautifully, and it’s a place I’ll always remember, too. I took lots of pictures of the landscape, and I also (tried) to balance that by putting the camera away and just enjoying it… :)

  12. I have a long standing love affair with Italy. Thanks for bringing back great memories of San Gimignano! Tuscany is such an enchanting part of the world. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

  13. We watched a movie on t.v. last evening “tea with Mussolini” (some of the movie takes place in San Gimignano). I really like this movie and have seen it many times. We are going to Italy in the fall. The movie and now your pictures make me want to fit this destination into my itinerary.

    • You’re going to have a wonderful time in Italy! You know I’m going to have to watch that movie again, especially since it has scenes in San Gimignano. Thank you for mentioning that :)

  14. Loving the Italy posts. I’m going to have to show the husband. His dream is to visit Rome—again. For more than 7 days. :)
    My dream is to live there. Well, so we have different dreams. We co-exist. :P

    • Thank you – I think San Gimignano is simply beautiful! And you’re very observant, too. The header image is from Lake Maggiore, so you’re thinking of the right region. It was another beautiful place to visit :)

  15. Brings back wonderful memories of when we visited in 1996. Tuscany is just so fabulous! We went in April and it rained a lot then too but not the day we went here. Did you go to Sienna? We stayed 4 days there and loved it, making trips elsewhere during the day and enjoying it to ourselves at night when the day trippers had gone. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed yours too:)

    • I did go to Siena and it rained, but it didn’t matter – I was prepared with an umbrella and a poncho! I always like learning more about Italy, and I enjoyed visiting your blog :)

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