Airport Shops in Rome

Just when you thought you’d bought enough souvenirs from a trip to Italy, there’s one more opportunity at the airport shops.  Here are all the designers you somehow missed in Florence or Milan, as well as duty-free shops for things like candy or perfume. And since you’ve checked your luggage, why not get a few more keepsakes to carry on the plane?  What’s surprising is that I couldn’t find anywhere to buy one last gelato (and I really looked).

Here are some places to browse:

You can buy treats:

Almost time to go home…

48 thoughts on “Airport Shops in Rome

  1. Were you tempted by anything at the airport? I’m always in a quandary in airport shops because I don’t want to be lugging anything extra around with me as hand luggage, but then when I see chocolate…. I think the lack of gelato is a terrible oversight, and I agree that they would make a lot of money if they had it on offer. How many people would like one last gelato before going home? Loads!


    • I did go on the plane with a few extra bags with some chocolate and other tasty “souvenirs”! I would have liked a last gelato, but I had such a great trip I didn’t mind (well, not too much… :)


  2. Hi,
    Sometimes you can find just the right little gift at the airport that you never saw on your trip, I love looking around the airport shops. :)
    The variety of chocolate does look very nice.


  3. No gelato! Unbelievable! I always love that last minute splurge on souvenirs and gifts at the airport, even though everything is usually more expensive it is still lots of fun and who couldn’t use more Roma magnets, mugs or Perugina chocolate :-)


  4. What all did you buy? Will you be posting some of the souvenirs that called to you? We found these great half litre pitchers for wine like the ones they kept serving the wine in there. It always takes me back!


    • I actually did make some purchases! Mostly I bought chocolate, so (not surprisingly) it’s gone. And I agree with you that there are keepsakes that bring back wonderful memories :)


  5. I love to browse airport shops! But no gelato? That is totally irresponsible of them! I loved taking photos of the colorful gelato tubs! (and then eating!)
    I’ve missed more of your trip, so I’m backtracking! Love your shop photos!


  6. I’ve got to say that Rome has only one of the few out there for QUALITY and INTERESTING last minute airport shopping! And an interesting point, Meg! I don’t remember if I found gelato at the airport either!


  7. My favorite clothing shop in Bologna is in the airport. My mom thought I was crazy when I told her. But it is totally true. The shop is amazing. :)


    • I believe that! The stores at the Rome airport would be perfect for a leisurely (or quick, depending on when your plane leaves) shopping excursion. I know I made some purchases there…


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