56 thoughts on “Flowers from Coast to Coast

  1. I feel that in contrast to you, Meg, I really don’t travel at all! :-) Do you come out to California with any frequency? Anaheim is kind of the “go to” conference spot, so sometimes it’s the heart of what others view as SoCal. You were at least in a spot that was well landscaped! Hope you can catch up with yourself this next weekend. You’ve surely been on the go a lot. I’d have jet lag, too! D


    • You live in a wonderful area where there’s so much to see and do! I’d like to go back there again so I can see the Princess Diana exhibit. And I’m getting over my jet lag :)


  2. These are lovely photo’s! I get to travel throughout the UK quite a bit in my job, but I don’t have as much time as I would like to explore properly :(


  3. Next to food, flowers are my 2nd favorite things in the world. Flowers are always stunning and often edible….maybe flowers are my first favorite things! Great shots and thanks for sharing.


  4. It was unusual for me to be on both coasts in such a short time, so I worked it into the title! South Carolina has some beautiful flowers and it’s a great place to visit, too. I think you’d like it :)


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