Anaheim, Disneyland, and Flat Ruthie

I had a fun-filled day with Flat Ruthie at Disneyland.  She organized everything, including stops at the Magic Kingdom and the California Adventure parks.  We met in front of her favorite boat ride, “It’s a Small World.”

To plan our time, Flat Ruthie took out a map of the park and pondered where to go first, second, third…  She’s so energetic, and the heat didn’t bother her at all.  What a great traveler she is!

And now Flat Ruthie would like to take over the commentary.

Here I am at the new “Cars” attraction.  I wanted a close-up of myself and that iconic sign, Route 66:

I had some ice cream at the Cozy Cone, but as you can see it’s all gone.

I wish I could find a hat that fits!

Am I too small to go on this ride?  And where’s the boat?

It’s Meg again.  Flat Ruthie has the best sense of adventure, and today was a lot of fun.  I wonder where I’ll see her next…

45 thoughts on “Anaheim, Disneyland, and Flat Ruthie

  1. Fun times! I have never been to Disneyland. How does it compare to Disney World in Orlando? Because I LOVE Disney World.


    • It was great! Disneyland is smaller with two parks, and you can walk to it from many of the hotels. They just opened a “Cars” attraction and if you liked the movie you’ll really appreciate how they recreated Radiator Springs!


  2. Now I have the Small World theme music stuck in my head…. :(

    Flat Ruthie is taking you on quite a fun tour of Disney! We’ve been to Disney World in FL several times, but never CA’s Disneyland. Great times! :)


  3. I couldn’t stop smiling at the “it’s a small world” photo. Great work, Meg. Now I know what you got up to in LA!
    I’ve been to both of the Disney parks- how can you not love them? It’s the child in all of us.


  4. Next time Flat Ruthie comes to town, please have her let me know! I have a Disney pass…and perhaps she and I can share an ice cream at the Carnation spot! Ha! I’m SO glad the two of you had fun! :-) Debra


  5. I hope Ruthie didn’t have a problem with the height restrictions on some of the rides. I’m sure you both had a good time no matter what rides you enjoyed.


  6. What a fun-filled day Flat Ruthie had and I love the photos, it has been 20 years since I went to Disneyland and I’ve always wanted to go back – Flat Ruthie would make an excellent guide :-)


  7. I love your visit with Flat Ruthie! I’m only familiar with Stanley…but that’s ok. I’m figuring they must be related! ;) Looks like the two of you had a great time!
    And ice cream, of course! !! Love your post!


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