Italian Doors and Archways

I’m always looking for interesting doors when I travel, and so many from Italy are especially appealing.  For instance, I thought this one from Venice wasn’t where you’d expect to see a door.

An archway provides a hint of something fascinating on the other side.  You want to get closer and have a look.  And unlike a door that’s (usually) closed, you can see through it.

Now you’re on the inside looking out…

So here are some of the doors I saw on my trip to Italy.  Since it isn’t possible to choose a favorite, I’ve included a selection:

71 thoughts on “Italian Doors and Archways

  1. My Hubby loves to take pictures of the old doors – and the door knockers, too. They are so functional, pretty, and well worn with years of “tugs” on them. Always wonder who has passed through them when we enter the old villas and museums….if only we knew.


  2. Meg….such beautiful doors and archways! The Venice door is very interesting! ;) I love to capture doors and archways too. I imagine little vignettes of European life behind those doors!
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love how you’ve captured the sense of wonder and mystery about what lies behind the doorway or through the archway. Your photos provide such a good sense of the architectural variety to be found in such old cities.


  4. These are just beautiful photos, Meg, so I can only imagine how beautiful they were on the other side of the camera! I just love the photo looking through the open door out to the gorgeous valley! Each one is special! :-) Debra


  5. All wonderful! I would never have been able to pick from those either, I’m glad you included them all. I do like a nice door or archway and could easily enjoy a whole load more if you felt like doing a second post on the same subject.


  6. They do have some of the most amazing doorways. They tell a story and make you wonder what lives are being lived behind them. Great idea for a blog post. Keep them coming.


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