Signs to Follow in Italy

Whether you’re walking or driving, there are signs with names you recognize and places you really want to see.  I followed them and found where I wanted to go.  Here are some of those places.


Highway signs around Florence.

Which way to Rialto?

Pay attention to these signs:

Now here’s a sign I think I’ll follow!

34 thoughts on “Signs to Follow in Italy

    • I noticed that many of the signs were in several languages (including English). But I was usually in big cities that get lots of visitors. And you live in a beautiful place so you can have fun and adventures at home :)


  1. I think I would follow that one too! Signs as really reassuring if you feel you might be going the wrong way and you come across one saying you are on the right road. Nice collection of signs with lots of variations.


    • I really liked the pedestrian signs because I didn’t want to do a lot of walking only to find I’d been going in the wrong direction. And you’re right – the signs are very reassuring!


  2. That’s a great idea to take pictures of signs while traveling since that can help when trying to figure out where you were at the time. I probably don’t take enough pictures of signs since I’m always getting lost. They’re especially fun when they’re in Italian and when they advertize gelato. :)


  3. I agree Meg, that last sign would be my beacon after all the pit stops, road signs and lost directions for me! My sister just returned from Turkey, Greece, Rome & London. Of them all, Rome was her ultimate favourite! :)


    • That’s a very important sign when you’re driving! And it seemed like the signs were good on the highway. You need to have adequate time to find the off ramp to your destination!


  4. I’ll have a chocolatini gelato, por favore! ;) I love your signs! I only took a couple when I was there 11 years ago. I love signs. I have a sign board on Pinterest! My husband and I will be looking for some of those names, stacked on top of each other….Siena, etc! ;) Thanks for the head’s up!


    • Hi Judy! I really like signs too, especially ones from my dream destinations! They become souvenirs of a trip, too. I’ll have to check your Pinterest page to see what you’ve collected… :)


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