Gelato Adventures

When I wrote A Gelato Journal, I mentioned there would be more posts about things I learned about gelato while I was in Italy.  My focus was to make sure that gelato was as delicious as I remembered, although there wasn’t much doubt about that.  Along the way I learned about events such as the Gelato Festival in Florence.

I wish I’d known about this ahead of time because I was in Florence the day before the festival.  I was elated when I saw the posters, but then I realized I’d miss it by only a few hours.  This was disappointing.  I consoled myself by stopping at gelaterias and sampling different flavors.  It helped a little, but next time I’ll try to arrange a visit around this important event.

Another thing I found was that wherever I went, the price for a gelato was practically the same.  I began keeping coins in my pocket for “unexpected” gelato stops.  This saved time because when I saw a place for a quick gelato, I didn’t have to go through my purse looking for money.

I also enjoyed the shops themselves, whether they were stores or small outdoor stands.  Although the signs were different, they were always a welcome sight!

…I wonder if you can still fit in this car after you’ve eaten gelato.

61 thoughts on “Gelato Adventures

  1. Ahhhh. Thanks for keeping the Gelato up close and personal Meg. Still say I’ll be lucky if there is any left by the time I get there though. :)
    Have one for me will ya?


  2. Wow a gelato festival! What a perfectly awesome event! I was thinking that the different posters from each year’s festival would make for really fun wall art in your home! ;)


  3. how have I not heard of the gelato festival?! not surprised there is one though, Italians have festivals for everything!


  4. HAHAHA! Love the last commentary! I usually FEEL like I’m a balloon after a day of gelato eating but that never stops me! =P Thanks for sharing the Florence Festival tip! That’s it! You are the Gelato Guru! ;)


    • I really should be speaking just for myself about that car – there must be a few people that have self-control about eating gelato… :) And I’ll try to be worthy of being a gelato guru – it’s a wonderful title!


  5. Gelato is wonderful wherever you eat it, even in my local little hole in the wall…but somehow I really do believe it has to taste that much better in Italy! Those photos tell me that! What a great tour! Debra


  6. I’m curious, do you have any idea how many gelato flavours you’ve sampled? Do you have a favourite? Lovely photos and the festival sounds like the perfect excuse for a return visit to Florence.


    • You’ve definitely come to the right place to find out more about gelato! You can buy it in lots of places, but (for me) the very best place for gelato is Italy :) It’s simply delicious!


  7. As a fellow Gelato Eater, I truly understand the fascination. We, too, have experienced the thrill of the gelato find…and eaten it up! We did have a chance to attend the Florence Gelato Festival, and it was well worth it! Make plans for next visit….and don’t drive in that small car :)


    • It’s so exciting that you went to the Gelato Festival – nice going!! I hope you write a post about it – I thought it would be a fantastic event. It definitely sounds like it’s well worth a visit (not that I doubted it…) :)


  8. Love gelato! Such a fun treat. Looking forward to a couple days in Italy – will have to same a few different flavours for sure! Will be a perfect treat while walking the streets of Rome!


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