Along the Coast in Maine

I‘ve spent some time during the summer in coastal Maine.  The scenery was as you might imagine:  a rocky shoreline with the water on the chilly side.  The weather was sunny and warm and there were lots of visitors around, but not too many so it didn’t seem overly crowded.

Because it was summer, there were hydrangeas in bloom and boats on the water.

Away from the water you could find trails to follow and wildflowers to enjoy.

And here are some of the other scenes that I admired while I was in Maine:

59 thoughts on “Along the Coast in Maine

  1. Maine looks very restful and relaxing, I could just imagine nodding off on the coast listening to the sea and feeling the breeze on my skin. You’ve transported and soothed me, thank you Meg.


  2. Ahhh, Maine. Lived there prior to my current state of residence. Loved it, miss it, but do still go when we get the chance. Did you bring any Gelato back with you? Was there any left in Italy?


  3. Wonderful photos Meg! I’ve only been to Maine once awhile back when one of my friends moved up there temporarily. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to go back, especially before this summer ends! There’s always something about New England’s coast in the summer that conjures up a romantic experience.


    • Maine is someplace you don’t forget once you’ve been there (especially in the summer)! I agree that the New England coast is charming and well worth a visit. I hope you get back there this summer, too… :)


  4. I traveled on Maine’s mid-coast last summer – it’s a special place! I have fond memories of my trip there. I especially liked the little towns of Bath and Camden and the Bass Harbor area on Mount Desert Island. I want to visit again in the winter! Your pictures are beautiful!


    • Those are all wonderful places to visit! I’ve always gone to Maine in the summer, so I’d be interested to know what it’s like in other seasons. Maybe you’ll have the chance to find out… :)


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