44 thoughts on “A Postcard Idea

  1. Such a charming way to great around! Just need a bottle of wine, a bunch of grapes, some olives and a loaf of rustic bread in that basket to enhance the journey even more.


  2. Nice photo. With all the crazy drivers in Italy, I don’t think I would take a chance on a bike unless I was on a little country road and then I would still think about it.


    • Thanks Karen! I thought the bicycle was a charming sight. But as you point out, it’s probably prudent to consider something sturdier (i.e. a car) when you’re actually going any distance. Good suggestion!


    • That’s true- a bicycle in Italy could prove to be strenuous depending on where you are. It’s probably something that’s nice to think about, but a little impractical in reality! Walking is a good alternative…


    • Thanks Debra! And that’s what I thought – you could go at a leisurely pace and have great views the way you do when you’re walking. So it’s an option to consider… :)


  3. I’ve never been to Italy but I’m a big fan of bicycle riding!!! It’s one of the best ways to get around NYC, and pretty much anywhere in this world! BTW Meg, I love your new blog design! :o)


  4. Love your postcard! I love photos of bikes anyway! You have such great ideas and photos!
    Good to be back and see your blog again…well, we’re almost back….we’re in Omaha!


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