Simply Prince Edward Island

This is a place I’d dreamed about ever since reading the Anne of Green Gables stories, and I was so happy to have the chance to visit!   It was quite easy to get around, whether by car, bicycle or on foot.  And the best part was that I had enough time to thoroughly explore the island.  Here’s some of what I saw.

Relaxing outdoors:

The shoreline:

Adventure ahead!

85 thoughts on “Simply Prince Edward Island

  1. So nice to see a post about Canada, and especially a part of the country that I’ve always wanted to visit. Who knows, maybe this is the year that I’ll make it to PEI myself! Your photos make me want to see it for myself all the more.

    • It’s so beautiful there, I know you’d really like it! It’s just as charming as you’d imagine it to be, and everyone was very friendly. I hope you get to go soon!

  2. I love Anne of Green Gables! I actually recently purchased the PBS (BBC?) production on dvd. I convinced Dave to watch the first one with me, and then had to acknowledge that they get a little sunk into itself after that. I still love the book series and imagining PE Island. Thanks for sharing your photos – and congrats on winning that that book on the other blog! Was pleased to see your blog name there!

    • I’ve always loved the Anne stories, and the PBS series really showed the beauty of PEI! While I was there local people would point out where scenes were filmed on the island, too. It really meant a lot to me… And thank you – I was so happy to win the book!!

    • I think it’s a lighthouse… It was on a beach overlooking the water, but you can’t see that in the picture. I may have to back there sometime and find out for sure!

    • While I was there I tried to imagine what it would be like to live on an island. But I think you have a better idea because you’re near to the sea. I admit I found it enchanting…

    • There’s plenty of room and I think you’d really like it there too! There are lots of Anne places to see, plus the island itself is beautiful. I’d go back anytime… :)

    • You’d really enjoy Prince Edward Island if you like lighthouses! And they were useful as well as beautiful – I saw one in action on a foggy morning. I’m glad you liked the photos, too!

    • It was definitely the Anne books that made me want to go to PEI. It’s a charming, magical place. And you’re right – the landscape just sparkled, especially in the morning!

  3. You stole the words right out of my mouth. I too, since first reading and then watching, Anne of Green Gables…I’ve wanted to visit PEI. I knew it would be beautiful and you’ve captured it here. Thanks Meg

  4. Oh, my word–I have always wanted to visit PEI for the exact same reason! Simply beautiful… thank you for sharing these photos… I’m excited to explore your blog!

  5. I’ve long thought I’d love to kayak around Prince Edward Island, but now seeing your photos I think I’d like to be on the land just as much. These are beautiful pictures of what seems a wonderful place, full of enchantment.

    • Going around the island by kayak and then touring PEI itself sounds like an ideal tour! I’d like to go back and see everything again. And you’re right – it’s enchanting :)

  6. Your photos really do remind me of Anne of Green Gables – one of my favourite childhood books. I read every book and even watched the TV series. Is this place easy to get to from London?

    • I had Anne of Green Gables in mind when I was in PEI, so I’m glad you were reminded of the books! To get there you’d be flying into Charlottetown, which would be a commuter flight from someplace like Boston, New York, or Montreal. I drove to PEI from the Boston area and it took about ten hours…

  7. PEI has long been on my “bucket list.” I hope I can visit sometime soon, especially after seeing these gorgeous photos!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post on Anne of the Green Gables the musical. You really should see this when you’ve read and loved the book. ;)

    • I started reading the Anne books when I was eleven, and that made my trip to PEI simply unforgettable! I saw an Anne of Green Gables play in Charlottetown while I was there too. I’m sure it would be hard to choose which of her adventures to include… :)

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