Capture the Colour

I want to say “Thank you” to Kathryn from  Travel with Kat for this nomination.  I’m happy to have the opportunity to show photos I’ve taken that correspond to the following colors: blue, green, yellow, white, and red.  If you go to you’ll find out more about “Capture the Colour.”  It explains all the steps needed to participate, and there are prizes, too.   And now here are my photos.



I was in Capri, Italy and used a chairlift to get to the top of the island.  While there I enjoyed watching the progress of the boats in the water.  I recall the experience in Capri from a Chair Lift.


These are some water lilies from Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France.  I was there in the spring and I thought there wouldn’t be much in bloom.  As it turned out, there was no need for concern.  I wrote about what I saw that day in The Beautiful Flowers of Giverny


When I’m in Venice, my goal (once I’ve stood in Saint Mark’s Square) is to wander and get away from the crowds.  I’ve always found that once I’m off the main road there are more everyday – and less touristy – sights.   I really like seeing laundry hanging from the windows too.


I was in Zermatt, Switzerland on a warm spring day with a clear blue sky.  But the whole time there was a little cloud around the Matterhorn.  I finally realized it wasn’t going away and it made the scene a little more dramatic.


I took this picture while I was walking around downtown Dallas, Texas in January.  I was looking for the flagship Neiman Marcus building when I saw this oversized Christmas ornament.  I describe my visit in Greetings from Dallas.



72 thoughts on “Capture the Colour

  1. I was really enjoying your photos, Meg, and then I saw my blog at the end of your post! Why thank you. I do love your selections–they’re perfect–and this seems to be a fun little challenge. Thank you for the nomination.


    • You’re welcome! I used your Facebook page to let you know about your nomination (I couldn’t tell if you were on Twitter). It’s really fun and challenging to find pictures, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose :)


  2. I echo what Robin says, I was doing exactly the same thing and also thinking it sounded like a nice challenge when I found my blog at the bottom! Thank you, I’d love to take part. Your photos are wonderful, I think the last one might be my favourite because it was just so unexpected.


  3. STUNNING photos! And I’m suppose to follow suit? That’s quite the challenge! Hahaha … Thank you for the nomination! Not sure if I can partake as my photo archives are in my back-up drive in storage at the parents basement out-of-town! I’ll see if I can find decent (current) photos within the 6 months on my current laptop … though, I have pretty much posted them all! Stay tuned … and keep up the amazing posts and pictures!!!!!!


  4. Hi Meg, Thanks for the like on my latest blog post! Capture the Color is such a wonderful idea. Loved your choices. Since the Caribbean is my playground, I would have chosen the buildings in Curacao for the “yellow category.” In fact, that’s going ot be my next post. Hope you enjoy it as well.


  5. You have a natural ability for photography. I love every one of these photos in a different way, but I have to say that the top photo actually takes my breath away – it looks like it should be in National Geographic. You SO deserve the nomination – congratulations!


  6. Hi Meg! Wow, great! Thanks a lot for nominating me!! I will definitely participate, but it will take me some time to be honest, hope you don’t mind!! Great photo’s and love to read the little story behind the photo’s!! Grazie and have a lovely evening!


  7. It’s wow, Your post. I cannot name any special photo which I like most of all, but Your Capri photo is great and fills me with many lovely memories from there. Also I love the photo from Monet’s Garden in Giverny which is great place for a visit.


  8. Tag! I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award because I really enjoy what you’re posting. I hope you’ll accept and show your support for the sites you follow. Thank you for the wonderful work you do!


  9. So funny, this blogging world! Haven’t had much time for blog reading lately so missed your entry, and have only now discovered that we’ve both nominated Zoe and Robin. Oh dear! This must be one of the most popular blogging comps ever. Even Mallory’s in the mix, so I’ve no chance.
    My fave I think is the Monet garden- superb shot, Meg, but I love the Venice one too. Where did you stay in Venice? Just this morning I was booking Palazzo Odoni for my daughter’s honeymoon in February and I’m seriously jealous. I love it! Good luck, m’dear.


  10. I was glad you reposted some of the links I had missed. Wonderful photography… virtual vacations in every one. Many thanks.


  11. I missed your post! I was asked to post for Capture the Colour too. I was at the tail end of the entry period and scrambled to get it in! ;) Your photos are amazing! I love all of yours. You’ve visited so many places in the world! You’ll charm the judges for sure! Good luck!


    • Thank you Judy! I really liked your color choices and I think you did a great job. I thought it was fun finding and matching pictures to the colors. So we’ll see what happens next :)


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