Gelato or Chocolate

Maybe should it be chocolate or gelato.  I need to decide which one is more delicious.  I’m not sure I can resolve this important question, but I’ll review the tasty qualities of both and see if an answer emerges.



Gelato is rich, creamy, and refreshing.   It’s close to perfect.  The real challenge is making it last for a reasonable amount of time because it starts to melt if you don’t eat it quickly.  So maybe you should get smaller cones to avoid this, or buy gelato in a cup.


Chocolate is also rich, creamy, and delicious.  It doesn’t melt quickly like gelato, so this is a point in its favor.  Unfortunately this doesn’t mean you eat it any slower, so that advantage is really marginal.  However chocolate is (supposedly) good for you.   I think that’s true when it’s eaten in moderation, but when does that ever happen?


I feel that both chocolate and gelato could be considered essential to overall well-being.  Therefore my conclusion is to consider them equally important, and not put them in competition with each other.  So now I’d say gelato AND chocolate (not “or”) to show their equality.  But this creates a new question:  which one do you say first?



79 thoughts on “Gelato or Chocolate

  1. I think the chocolate needs to be dark for it to be beneficial…and I definitely agree, they are both equally amazing!

  2. On a hot day there’s nothing more refreshing than a limoncello gelato, even if I do have to eat it very quickly!! Many thanks for the follow. Blessings from Lizzie Joy

  3. A tricky comparison, but in chocolate’s favour it is more portable. It has a wider temperature range and can be dunked in a cup of tea, made into cakes, biscuits and all manner of delicious puddings. On the other hand, it’s not as refreshing on a hot day. Personally, for me, it’d be chocolate first and then gelato, but then I live in a cold country. I can see that for you it would be quite a dilemma so best to stick with both to be on the safe side.

  4. I love your point of view! Why not both? There are 24 hours in a day…you could easily fit both in! Nice thoughts for moving into the weekend…we have even MORE time to help ourselves! I am working on a little post about the health benefits of chocolate, Meg, so by the time I post that I will have given you even MORE evidence that you are completely on the right track! :-) Debra

  5. I agree with Silvia Donati – gelato in the summer and chocolate in the winter. A bit like wine – I like white in the summer and red in the winter but that’s another story! Great post :)

  6. Is this payback for my post on BROC? Hahaha … In answer to your question, I wouldn’t say anything – I’d just start eating them both! Probably the gelato first before it melts, then savour the chocolate! ;)

  7. It’s always good to know you can have BOTH, especially Belgian Chocolate gelato!!! If I did have to pick, it might have to be gelato though. Too much chocolate gives me an awful headache!

    • The pictures of gelato are from Rome and Venice, and it was really hard to decide which cone to use! I liked the flowers and fruit adorning the gelato – they made everything look even more appealing (if that’s possible)… :)

    • Those displays were very effective – let’s just say I ended up with some of the chocolate and even more of the gelato! So I can understand why maybe you’d like some chocolate right about now… :)

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