A Frequent Flyer

I make all my reservations with one airline to accumulate frequent flyer miles, and occasionally something unexpected – and exciting –  happens.  This includes finding out the day before a flight that I’ve gotten an upgrade to first class!  When I print out the boarding pass there’s a new seat assignment with a number like 2a or 3b.  Of course this doesn’t happen too often. Normally if I ask the gate agent at the airport about first class seating I hear something like “You’re number 14 on the waiting list.”  Which means there’s no chance of it happening.

Another advantage of having frequent flyer status is that I get to board early enough to find space for my carry-on bag in the overhead bins.  I can also get an aisle seat, but I’ve learned over time to wait for the others in my row to arrive before I fasten my seat belt.  Every once in a while there isn’t anyone else in my row, and when that happens I’ll move to the window seat.  I did this on a recent flight across the United States, and I took these pictures as we flew over the Rockies.

I like watching the miles add up as I travel.  Soon I’ll need to decide on a destination when I have enough saved.  So where do I go next…

49 thoughts on “A Frequent Flyer

  1. You make me want to get on a plane, and I’m not that keen a flyer (just get bored too easily). It’s a good idea to stick with one airline, I’ve never managed to accumulate enough miles with any one carrier and I forget that I have cards for airlines, which is hopeless. Do you ask about an upgrade every time you fly? I’ve never done that, although I know other people who think it quite normal. I’ve sometimes flown business class (when an employer was forking out!) but I don’t think I’ve ever been given an upgrade. Maybe I should try asking, but I’m too shy. :-)


  2. I do the same with frequent flyer miles…let ’em build up. I’ve never been upgraded though. I’m an even bigger fan of credit card miles. I’ve taken so many free trips with my credit card miles, I can’t really count anymore (though they were all domestic). Good luck planning your next journey! I have no idea where my next one will be either.


    • I really enjoy traveling by plane – it’s exciting to know you’re going somewhere wonderful! It’s so hard to decide where to go next, but there are some fascinating choices… :)


  3. I always love hearing your stories, Meg!
    Here’s an interesting trip you could take: A friend is going on the Cotswold Walk (England) next spring. It’s the same walk the monks used to take, it’s 100 miles, but you don’t have to walk all that way. There are many things to see along the way. They will have a car with them. You walk through some private property, you stay at B&B’s…it sounds very interesting to me.
    One time I was leaving San Fran about 6 in the morning. I got on board and the attendant said….”you need to go to your left”. I said…”No…I’m in economy. I never go to my left!” She laughed and pointed to my ticket! They had changed it at the counter, and I was in a huge business class seat! wow…what a trip that was! ;)


    • A walking trip through the Cotswolds sounds marvelous! I’ll have to find out more… And I love your story about getting a surprise upgrade. That must have been a memorable flight for you!


  4. What a wonderful surprise to be bumped up! R has been upgraded a couple of times, me never :-( I shop around too much to pile up enough miles, although we have flown only Emirates the last three times. And what a lovely dilemma…..London or Verona? :-)


  5. I saw Aida in the amphitheathre in Verona a million years ago and will never forget that fantastic experience–a fine production of a great opera in a magnificent space, and on one of the hottest days I remember spending outdoors (it was still over 100F when we cleared out of that beautiful solar oven at about 1 a.m.). I seem to recall we ate well there, too, and the town was lovely, but honestly everything else was rather eclipsed by that musical, magical night. I say this despite being a huge fan of London: choose Verona this time. :)


    • It sounds like a magnificent experience and you still remember it so vividly. I think having memories like this is one of the best reasons to travel. Verona would be an ideal place to visit!


    • It’s great to find out about an upgrade the day before the flight! It just makes the trip that much better… And I’d love to go to London – it’s a fantastic place to visit :)


  6. Flat Ruthie needs a new pair of shoes. I think nice Italian flats are perfect for Ruthie. And I would like to see LOTS of sandals !!


  7. I think you wrote this for me? I’m planning my next trip to Italy. And I’ve been thinking about Verona. Along with a couple of other stops. I accumulate miles on my credit card as well and I haven’t paid for a ticket in years Seriously.


    • That all sounds great! I’m accumulating miles but I tend to use them on domestic flights. And a trip to Italy – and Verona – sound marvelous! I can’t wait to go back myself… :)


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