The Day I Dropped My New Camera

It was a pleasant spring day in the Brittany region of France.  I strolled along taking pictures of the buildings, which were very appealing.  I had a new camera I’d bought only two weeks before the trip so I could take crisp, clear pictures.  I’d get the camera out of its case, take pictures and carefully put it back in the case.  As I looked around I saw a carousel.  I’d noticed carousels in other towns and villages but hadn’t taken any pictures of them.   This seemed like the perfect opportunity so I pulled the camera out of its case.  And then it happened.  The camera dropped out of my hand and landed on the cobblestone street.  It didn’t just hit the ground – it bounced several times as I stood there unable to keep it from happening.

I bent down and when I  picked up the camera there were scrapes and little dents around the corners.  Since I‘d already had the experience of damaging a camera beyond repair when I dropped it a couple of years ago, I was a little concerned.  Holding my breath, I pushed the “on” button and took several pictures to see if it still worked.  Everything seemed to be functioning normally, and I began to have some hope that the camera was all right.  Someone came up to me and said he’d dropped every camera he ever owned and they all were fine.  So I’m happy to say the camera survived this little mishap.

I took this picture of the Eiffel Tower a few days later, and that’s when I knew my camera was still working.  I haven’t dropped it since, and now I just think of the dents as souvenirs.

74 thoughts on “The Day I Dropped My New Camera

  1. My heart sank at the first line! Happy your camera is in good shape! And great photos! And thanks for the last pic – I always smile when I see the Eiffel Tower! It’s where Mark and I got engaged! =D

  2. Ow, I felt it thump to the ground and bounce! I’m so glad it survived, and you would certainly never know from your beautiful photos. I love that one of the flags and roofs. It really amazes me how tough gadgets are. I’ve had my mobile phone for years and it has endured all manner of traumas, including being dropped in a toilet on Christmas Day a few years ago. Most astonishing of all was that it didn’t work at first after that, but when I’d dried it out it worked fine again, even the camera, with no obvious deterioration. It’s fallen from incredible heights and burst open on a number of occasions since then, but it continues to survive. Although I sincerely hope you never drop your camera again, I reckon they’re made to endure a lot of beatings.

    • It sounds like you’ve had quite a time with your mobile phone! I’m glad it’s working fine. But I think you’re right – cameras and phones must be made to withstand being dropped!

  3. I didn’t think your story was going to end well! I’m so glad your camera was indeed saved. They are big investments these days! Your photo of the Eiffel Tower is incredible. I don’t know how you captured such great perspective, but it is just awesome! I hope you have that framed somewhere to enjoy it! Debra

    • Thank you Debra! I wasn’t sure the camera could survive hitting cobblestones, but it was a wonderful moment when I realized it still worked :) And I was trying to find a unique view of the Eiffel Tower- I’m so glad you like it!

  4. I had exactly the same experience. I dropped mine and was worried it won’t work anymore, but it takes good pictures too despite the few scratches outside. I am happy yours also survived:)

    • I’m sorry that you dropped your camera, but I’m happy that it still works! I don’t mind the scratches because the camera wasn’t damaged, and that’s what really matters :)

  5. My heart clenched when I read “dropped my camera”. I am usually taking pictures where things would drop off a cliff never to return, so gives me goose bumps. I had my camera hit with a full on rogue wave on the North Shore of Oahu. I took it in to be cleaned and everything was a-okay. Have a Great Day!

  6. I was holding my breath as I read down, Meg, so I can exhale now! I can just picture my husband’s expression if he was standing beside me when this happened. I’m pretty clumsy anyway and am always throwing my mobile on the floor, where it bounces into pieces. That’s why I only have a cheap basic one. I’m a little more careful with the camera.

    • I was really dismayed when I saw the camera falling to the ground, and I felt so fortunate that it was all right. And I know what your mean about your phone – those are so easy to drop!

  7. Haha I love that perspective of considering the dents as souvenirs! As always, your photos are gorgeous, but I love the first one most. The architecture is just so charming….and now I’m in the mood for crepes. ;)

  8. Traumatic moments have a way of sticking with us. So glad your camera was (is) ok. I tend to drop most everything I pick up, so I’m more than happy to have a strap on mine.

  9. Hi Meg, thanks for the follow and likes. I am loving the photo of Eiffel tower and glad that your camera is still working :D don’t forget to put the string handle upon your wrist always before taking it out from its case or in the case you are using a dslr, it would always be best to put the handle over your neck or shoulders. :D just sharing a little tip. have a nice day. :)

  10. Glad Your camera’s ok Meg. One of those moments when you hold you’re breath while it’s happening, and then wait to exhale. Love the picture of the Eiffel tower. Beautiful!

  11. Whew! You can breathe after seeing those great photos! Love the Eiffel Tower! Wowza…gorgeous photo, worthy of framing! I’m all about the sky in a photo too…and that one is a wonderful complement to the tower.
    A friend’s camera accidentally got kicked off a 4′ ledge to a cement landing. Miraculously it survived also. I guess they’re tougher than we think. (unless they land on the lens). Happy picture taking!

    • I’m so glad you like the Eiffel Tower picture – I think the sky is important in a picture too! And I’m happy to know your friend’s camera is all right after the tumble it took… :)

  12. Lovely photos. I dropped mine recently in Copenhagen and fortunately it didn’t break. Secretly, I was hoping it did since I’ve been asking for a new one. That’s so bad of me!

  13. I also dropped my camera at my artist’s league meeting… it was in my lap and there were concrete floors and you should have heard the loud POP and the flash of light when it hit the floor. The camera has never been the same since…I’m glad I have another camera which is a better camera, it’s just that I liked having the two of them… always ready to go. I’m glad your camera survived!

    • I’m so sorry you had an unfortunate mishap with your camera. It’s good that you have another camera, but it’s nice to have a backup too. And thanks, I’m still using my (slightly dented) camera… :)

    • Thank you! I took that picture just two days after my little mishap, and I was so happy to see the camera was still working. It was such a relief because I didn’t want to miss the chance to take photos of the Eiffel Tower :)

  14. I’m sure watching your camera fall was like one of those slow motion scenes in a movie. A heart wretching moment for a tavaller. Glad it survived the taurma.

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