A Food Break in Italy

While I was in Italy there were times I was looking for a light lunch or a snack that didn’t include chocolate or gelato.  This was only because I would eat the gelato or chocolate immediately, and the idea was to have something (like crackers) that would last longer!  Here are some examples of things I found in Italy that provided a little break from walking and sightseeing.



From a market:

Something to drink:

48 thoughts on “A Food Break in Italy

  1. ……I’m HUNGRY!
    Why choose? How about pizza followed by chocolate and gelato and then fresh fruit to wash it all down? All in the interest of experiencing the local cuisine, of course! ;)


    • That probably comes the closest to what I actually did! And I convinced myself (almost) I was just “sampling” different things in snack sizes as opposed to having a big meal… :)


  2. I wouldn’t be able to resist the Crik Croks! I love all the wooden crates under the fruit and veg stall too, and all the fresh produce on display. Lots of savoury treats to balance your gelato and chocolate consumption.


  3. I love the look of the little neighborhood store! We have a local Italian market that’s been a fixture for as long as I remember. Claros…owned by an Italian family. I enjoy going in there from time to time, and I must go again. The photo you’ve shared is really telling me that Claro’s is very authentic. I just might need to do a post on it sometime. Places like it are becoming more and more rare! By the way, the pizza looks so good! Wonderfully tasty post! :-) Debra


    • Thank you Debra! It was lots of fun going into little stores to look for crackers and other snacks. And your local store sounds like the real thing, too. I hope you write a post about it sometime soon… :)


  4. I think I’m a little in love with those incredible fruits and boxes from the market. Are those tomatoes on the lhs in the top box!!! Wow, my teeny tiny tom thumbs have got nothing on those big boys! :)


  5. I agree with the others, everything looks so tempting. I especially love the way they have so many fresh food markets like the one in your photo. It makes it so easy to find yummy snacks. I would definitely have had the pizza though.


  6. I had to read the 1st sentence 3 TIMES to ensure I was reading correctly! I thought it odd at first but the second sentence clarified everything! Really enjoyed this mini food seeking break with you!


    • I see your point – it’s unusual for me to be looking for food other than gelato or chocolate! But I did have a lot of fun going to outdoor markets and other places for snacks. It made a nice change :)


  7. Yum! Such great ideas, Meg! Your lovely photos are so tempting and colorful! The grocery stores are also a great place for souvenirs! In Paris I picked up local jams and mustards that were a fraction of the price of those sold in “tourist” areas!


    • I definitely had lots of opportunities to find tasty food while I was in Italy! And I also liked going to little grocery stores for soaps and other locally made things to take home as souvenirs… :)


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