The Planning Begins Again

I don’t think it’s ever too early to plan for a trip.  There are so many ways to get information that it’s easy to do research and discover places to visit in the future.  Even the idea of going on a trip is so exciting that it’s a nice way to pass the time.  I’m thinking about another trip to Italy.  And now that I know there’s delicious gelato throughout the country, I can concentrate on what I’d like to see.  This time I’m going to consider some different places.


Spending time at a local bookstore is a great way to find information that helps with the planning process.  Once I find a comfortable chair, hours go by before I realize how many books (or magazines) I’ve read.

I’ve been enjoying a beautiful book about farmhouses in Puglia that I recently received as a giveaway from Sharing My Italy…The Blog.  You can see lots of pictures from the book on her blog post, and I’ve included a few more here.  This is a region I’d like to visit if only to admire these buildings!

I’ve found that late spring is an ideal time to travel.  The weather is usually nice and the crowds aren’t too overwhelming.  So it definitely isn’t too soon to start planning.  It allows me to start dreaming about the trip that much sooner.

63 thoughts on “The Planning Begins Again

  1. Nope, I agree….never too soon to start planning for a trip. We already planned a trip to the Netherlands for Christmas…and we’re planning a trip to Curacao for next spring :) So I totally agree :) By the way, let me know if you ever go to Piemonte….who knows, maybe we can meet :)


  2. Meg, thank you for mentioning my site and the book in you post, I really appreciate it. I gather that you have been enjoying the book. You are right about planning for a trip takes time . . . between planning for myself and planning for some clients I fell like that’s all I do – between cooking, of course! Leaving for Italy in 10 days and for China in 2 months . . . very excited!


  3. Once again you’ve swept me away to a place I’m longing to visit. I always wonder if the people who live in these scenic places realize just how blessed they are and how incredible their architecture is, though I suppose non-residents of the US could say that about some places here too! You’re so very fortunate to be able to travel so much.


  4. The planning sounds like a lovely way to daydream while waiting for the adventure to begin! I think it’s great that you’ll return to Italy. It would be wonderful to get to know the country even better. Good for you! Debra


  5. So true, Meg. Working on the dream is a big part of the fun of organizing a trip and the internet offers such a wealth of information. We’re thinking of another house exchange next summer so the groundwork begins now. Woohooo!
    Good luck with your planning! Can’t wait to see where you go!


  6. That’s so much a part of the excitement, seeing all the possibilities, and how it comes together. I love the stone and masonry work of those houses. Can’t wait til you share your pictures!


  7. I love planning trips. To dream and to visualize places where to visit is so inspiring. I love also late autumn, but in some cases I love also early spring just to enjoy “in advance” the summer. In addition to travel guide books many blogs offer great ideas for travel.


  8. My life has been a trip all through USA each Sunday night I was leaving from home in the rig I would pack for parts unknown with such excitement Love Traveling our United States I do not fly yet so it will have to do for now :)


  9. I’m glad you post your travels for us to share. I’m housebound a great deal of the time and no longer can travel even to places close by. So you are traveling not only for yourself but for all of us who can’t go. Enjoy and we’ll enjoy too. Dream and we’ll dream too.


  10. What a wonderful collection of photos to tempt the traveller! I’ve had that experience of losing time in bookshops dreaming of faraway places. It’s great that you’re planning for late spring now, that’s a good long run in to the holiday and plenty of time to enjoy the excitement of the planning stage.


  11. Gorgeous! I love your little quip about the gelato, most of my adventures and travels are generally food centric so yes, gelato might be in the top 5 of things (for me) to see & enjoy too! As for that gorgeous book on the farmhouses of Puglia I know I shouldn’t read a book by its cover but definitely a yes!


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