The Souvenir Drawer

I have at least one drawer at home that’s filled with travel souvenirs.  There are postcards, maps, museum floor plans, and pamphlets that I’ve brought back from trips.  I always bring more of these things home than I realize, and when I had a quick look recently there were postcards from (among other places) Seattle, Paris, and Brussels stacked together.  I started to review to see if there was anything that could be thrown away.  Since this would be difficult I sorted things by country.  At least that way if there were duplicates I could keep the one in better condition.

Here are some of the many souvenirs I decided to keep.  They really aren’t just papers or postcards – they’re reminders of happy memories from trips.  So I’ll just find more empty drawers and maybe next time I go on a trip I’ll make an effort not to collect so many souvenirs to bring back.  Or at least try.

Some postcards…

This was on the back of a map of Brussels.  I wish I’d noticed this ad for chocolate tasting!

69 thoughts on “The Souvenir Drawer

  1. Souvenirs like yours can really take you on a trip down memory lane in years to come. I’d find a good filing system for them rather than throw anything out! (And I still think some of your photos would make GREAT postcards!) ;)

  2. I do the same thing…I have boxes full of maps, museum brochures and so on. It’s fun to go back once in while and retrace your steps.

  3. Now when I try to “dung out” my souvenir collection, I don’t even pretend I’m planning to throw anything out. I know I can’t part with any of it. I just go through the things and enjoy another mental trip to all those places.

  4. I don’t think I could let any of these treasure go either! They may be only paper and photos, but when you hold them they really do stir memories, and you can’t minimize how meaningful that is! It’s fun to see what you chose as mementos, and my but you’ve been to some special places, Meg! Fun! Debra

  5. I take a large vanilla envelope with me each year I go to Europe just for all the maps and brochures that I bring back. They are very hard to resist and are wonderful remembrances. They also give inspiration when planning the next trip.

  6. I like the idea of organizing them. It’s hard to throw them away, but if there are duplicates or multiples, I can sort them down to one. I send duplicates to my sweet 95 yr old uncle. He loves getting mail. If the paper gets too deep, I’m afraid I’ll end up on “The Hoarders” show! lol I love all your cards, pamphlets, etc. I’m especially fond of Orvieto!

  7. They make great souvenirs and some of the tickets to museums and galleries are actually a work of art themselves. I have a couple of boxes that I like going through regularly and yes, they are wonderful memories of some really amazing moments in my life. Mmmmm…chocolate tasting :-)

  8. Hi Meg. I’m right there sorting through the drawer with you. It’s my favourite way to waste an afternoon (unless it’s sunny!) I had a notion to decoupage some of mine onto a coffee table top but I haven’t got round to it yet, like so much else.

  9. My friend’s father still keeps the tickets he bought in 1982 to take my friend to the World Trade Centre in his wallet. As a Jewish Dutch that managed to escape the Holocaust when he was a toddler he felt it was a moment of such enormous significance to him when he visited NY that he simply never took them out of his wallet again. What was once a little momentum has become a concrete reminder of a historic event.

    • I really need to get organized so I can find out what I actually have in those drawers! And I’ll check the advertising on maps in the future so I don’t miss out on places like Chocopolis :)

  10. I have a huge box full of maps, leaflets, ticket stubs, coins… just been sorting through them to craft a huge piece of art. Well that’s the plan but it’s difficult to bring myself to cut up the leaflets and stick them down permanently!

  11. I tend to have boxes stuffed with souvenirs as well, I like to have a nice place to put all those special memories. It’s lovely to go back & remember all the wonderful times you had. It’s what life is made of :)

  12. I can very much relate to that! I too have boxes full of maps and brochures from travels. I could never get myself to throw those things away at the time and now I’m glad I didn’t! Perhaps I can use them for something creative someday :-)

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  14. I put each trip’s paperwork (postcards, maps, brochures, etc.) in a large manilla envelope and title it in black marker with trip name and date. That keeps everything together nicely. I can’t throw away anything either. :)

  15. Great post! I’ve kept postcards that I’ve received over the years and certain mementos that I’ve bought. But maps, brochures, tickets and stuff…well, I tend to throw them because, well, everything is online. This post made me think twice about that. It’s nice to have something concrete and going forward I will certainly be much more selective about what I toss. Thanks for checking out my blog, by the way!

    • Thanks Jaclyn! I just got back from France and Spain with more brochures and postcards that are now in that souvenir drawer… :) You’re welcome – I really enjoyed your blog!

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