37 thoughts on “Looking at the Skyline

  1. It occurs to me that some enterprising person could start up flatbed tours of Chicago, whereby you could lie down on a flatbed truck and view the skyscrapers from a prone position, thus avoiding getting a crick in your neck. It would be a most relaxing way to enjoy the city, I would have thought.


  2. I enjoy looking at city skylines and scenes much more through your blog that I would going there. I’m not much of a city person; I’ve lived near NYC all my life (and gone there uncountable times) and never enjoyed the “grittiness” of the big city. However, your photos show the best without all the “extras” that turn me away. Thanks for a sunny perspective! :)


  3. I’m always amazed at the work that went before all these massive constructions–from the idea on paper. I suppose now it’s on a computer screen, but still…Beautiful skyline.


  4. Your photos look like abstract art – very cool. The buildings look so clean and it’s great to see the different styles right next to each other. I love looking up as much as possible too. It’s too bad it gets hard to walk that way after a while!


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