Autumn Day in Florida

For me fall is the season to start wearing sweaters and watch the leaves turn beautiful colors.  The weather gradually gets cooler and the days are shorter.  So it was a nice change to go to Florida and temporarily return to summer.

When I got off the plane in Tampa the airport terminal was so cold from the air conditioning I kept my jacket on.  I stopped at an information desk and the person said, “You won’t need that jacket once you go outside.”  And that was the case – it was hot and humid and I didn’t mind at all.  My destination was St. Petersburg, and during the drive there I saw palm trees, marinas and sailboats.

For an overview of the city I took a trolley that made lots of stops.  I noticed a gelato shop along the way and decided to visit there after I got off the trolley.  The gelato was delicious, and of course I had to sample different flavors (with tiny spoons) so I could pick the best ones.

During the afternoon I strolled through parks and looked for shade since it was so hot.  In the evening I saw the moon in the sky.  By then it had cooled down slightly, but it still felt like summer.  I thought it might be time for another gelato.

42 thoughts on “Autumn Day in Florida

  1. Love the photos of the boats, water, and palm trees. It looks so relaxing and warm. So tell us more about St. Pete. I always wanted to visit there but never quite made it, but have heard it is a magical place.


  2. Extended summer never hurts! I just came back from El Salvador and will be heading out to Peru soon. However I do love the fall season here in NYC, sweaters, change of leaves colors, and all! Enjoy your time in Florida Meg!


    • My understanding is that because gelato has less fat than ice cream and isn’t served frozen it improves the taste. I have lots of favorite flavors – hazelnut, chocolate chip and wedding cake (to name a few)! I thought the gelato in St. Petersburg was really good and they offered a flavor you probably won’t find in Italy: pumpkin pie :)


      • Ah, thank you for the explanation. The frozenness of ice cream is the bit I don’t like so much. When I have it in a bowl I like to make it melt a bit before I eat it, so gelato would appeal to me on that basis. Wedding cake flavour sounds interesting, does it taste like a rich fruit cake? With hints of marzipan and royal icing, perhaps? Pumpkin pie also sounds intriguing, you are very adventurous with your selections!


        • Your description of wedding cake gelato sounds delicious! It was actually a vanilla flavor that reminded me of angel food cake – very light and fluffy. I had to try the pumpkin pie gelato too, and it had spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Gelato is definitely one of my favorite subjects… :)


  3. Extended summer and more gelato! Your perfect day! I always enjoy seeing photos of Florida. The photos at the marina are so similar to ones I recently posted from Santa Barbara. We have that same extended summer feel in Southern California, but Florida is still such a unique climate! I hope you just soaked up that warmth to get you through the next few months! And I really like your banner photo, Meg. Very inviting! :-) Debra


  4. How refreshing it was to You beautiful summer photos. Here it has been raining “nearly” daily and when looking at Your photos presenting, palms, sailing boats, my mind changed to see the world sunnier. :)


  5. Can’t go wrong with palm trees and sailboats. Love the shot of the moon. It’s nice to get away to “summer” for a break from the cold and chill. I can see why so many people are “snowbirds.” I like the sample gelato sign. :) Try, try…I need to find one of those!


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