CBBH Photo Challenge: WINDOWS

The last time I was in France I went to Giverny to see Claude Monet’s exquisite gardens.  The house where Monet lived has lots of windows that overlook the gardens.  I thought these windows would fit this month’s challenge.   To learn more about the photo challenge visit East of Málaga.

The windows:

The view from the windows:

The two blogs I’d like to recommend are:

Canadiantravelbugs’s Blog

Lorna’s Tearoom Delights

53 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: WINDOWS

  1. I love Monet’s work, it’s great to see his inspiration right in his own garden. Love the window photos – I’ve always found interesting windows and doors to be a wonderful subject for photos.


  2. Is there anyplace on earth more charming and beautiful than Giverny. Beautiful choice Meg. The windows so bright and colorful make his home so delightfully him.


  3. I absolutely love Monet´s paintings, and even though I have visited Paris on two occasions, I´ve never yet managed the trip to Giverny. How wonderful to see your lovely photographs of the windows of the house. The gardens look spectactular – no wonder his paintings are so precious.

    Thanks for introducing us to two new links, Meg. I´ll just HOP over there, right away :)


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  5. I’m so jealous. I thought for sure that I would get to Giverny the last time I was in France but sadly no. Sometimes I think I leave something unseen just to have a reason to go back again. You’ve just given it to me.


  6. I always wanted to visit Giverny! You are so lucky :) I hope next year when I go to France I can stop by! My friend went this year I love looking at both of your pictures. Makes me feel I was there too!


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