Picking Apples in North Carolina

On a sunny afternoon last week I went to an orchard near Hendersonville, North Carolina to pick apples.  The scenery was delightful and I spent as much time taking pictures and admiring the view as I did collecting apples.  It was near the end of the season so there were very few trees that had apples on them.  My choice was a variety called Pink Lady apples, which were still plentiful and ready to be picked.  So basket in hand I started down the hill (a very steep one) in search of these trees.

I walked past row after row of trees, but the only apples left were on the ground.  So I continued to walk downhill, and I wondered how strenuous it would be walking back.  At last I reached my destination:  Pink Lady apple trees!  They were so pretty I almost didn’t pick any of them.  Of course I overcame this feeling and soon I had a basket full of apples that looked like a still life painting.

Now it was time to walk back up the hill.  When I needed to rest I took pictures of the scenery.  I also saw a sign that I wondered if anyone noticed…

Here’s where I saw the Charlie Brown Christmas equivalent in a little apple tree.  It only had one apple that looked like it was making the tree tip over!

Back at the main building, there were different displays.

After I stood in line and purchased my apples I got one out of the bag and took a bite.  It was perfect.

44 thoughts on “Picking Apples in North Carolina

  1. Ah…apple picking in our beautiful hills. There’s just nothing in the world better than biting into a crisp fresh apple picked right from the tree. It makes it hard to eat those things they sell in the stores with the mealy texture. We have so many orchards in my neck of the woods that we devote a festival to them – Brushy Mountain Apple Festival.


  2. Nice photos, it looks like you had a lovely day you, I’m very jealous, I haven’t had a pink lady apple in years. Aside from russet apples, they’re my favourites. The apples here are a bit boring, Granny Smiths and Cox’s mostly.


  3. We’ve passed through Henderson on our way from Atlanta to the DC area many times. I often suspected it was a charming area of North Carolina, and you’ve proven me right!


  4. Pink Lady apples are among my absolute FAVORITES! I also love Honey Crisp from New York State and Texas Rose – it’s like eating candy! :D We love apple picking too. Your photos take my spirit out to the orchard….I think we’ll go soon!


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