48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. Oh ho! I knew this was Prague before I even saw the title. Isn’t it funny how once you start traveling the images you once had of the world fall off like scales that covered your eyes? At one time I only knew what I know of Europe from TV or magazines. Now that I have lived here awhile I can see and tell the difference of where people are from or what culture I am looking at without being prompted.Nice job. I hope you had a great time in Prague. It is a very fun and interesting city.


    • That’s fantastic that you recognized the pictures as being from Prague! It really has distinctive landmarks and architecture. I did have a good time visiting there and I’d like to go back again… :)


  2. I loved Prague and had good food and lovely waiters, lucky I guess. My favourite was like a chicken chowder in a hollowed out loaf. It was so nice. I’d love to go back.


  3. If you couldn’t come up with something foreign, there’d be no hope for the rest of us! lol These are great examples. Off topic–gelato on my mind–a friend told me where there’s one of those shops not far from home! That may not be a good thing…


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    • The winter uniforms must be very handsome! That’s really interesting to know about the connection to the Oscars too. I’m looking forward to visiting Prague in the future, especially during this time of year!


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